Monday, October 12, 2009

On the road to Tupataro


Wild Flowers of Patzcuaro

A Frenzy of Colour!

Turning off the highway from Morelia to Patzcuaro, at the road to Tupataro I was assaulted by a frenzy of vivid colors that demanded to be photographed. Last month I gave you a wildflower preview, but now they are in full swing!


On the road to Tupataro

Velvet Skies

Out comes the tripod and camera. I took a tranquil escape from by errands, and spent some quiet time enjoying the view and snapping the shutter. It truly is a breath of fresh air, for the eyes as well as the lungs! Can you wonder why this is my favorite time of  year?

If you aren't familiar with Tupataro, it is the village with hand painted ceiling I posted about a while ago.  You can see that post here.


Tancho said...

Simply beautiful! And in a few weeks some of them will be picked down to the nub.
Check out the flock of flowers sprouted up on the old dump site on the left as you go to Opopeo.

Babs said...


Todd said...

Thanks you two!

Ken, that is a good spot, hmmmmm maybe I will have to grab my camera again!

Unknown said...

Wow!Myfamily is from Tupataro,they have lived there for generations.My parents were married in that church just like the most of my family.These pictures have to be the best I've ever seen of the town,thank you so much for sharing them.I showed them to my mother and her face lit up.Thank you once again.


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