Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Magic Sky-Talking Box

With the house for sale I have had a number of people asking about my internet setup here. Now that day of the dead approaching, the number of people who come to visit Patzcuaro takes a big jump. So it seemed like a significant number of the people we have talked to about the house have chosen then to come and look at it. So I thought I would post it here for all to read.

Our internet is provided by a friendly young fellow by the name of Bolivar.
His website is right here>
I remember asking about when it we first got here. Bolivar patiently explained the system to me in his very fluent English, sadly I was listening in gibberish so I ended up with an explanation that goes something like this.

magic box

The Magic Sky-Talking Box or MSTB!

My computer sits on my desk. From the back of the computer is a wire that goes up to a box on the roof that is connected to a small antenna. My computer, through this cable, talks to the box on the roof. We will call this the “magic sky-talking box” or MSTB. The MSTB is pointed at a tower on a neighboring mountain. This tower also has an MSTB, and that is connected to our internet service provider. These two boxes talk to each other rather effortlessly through something called “fixed wireless” which is just a $20 peso word for “Magic”.

The cost for all this magic is just $400 peso per month, plus taxes of course.

The speed that these two boxes talk to each other is measured in something called KBPS. For our setup here we have 1024 KBPS, I am not sure but I think that it stands for
Keeping Bewitched Photons Streamlined”.

1024 KBPS seems to do us just fine! We of course use it for all our internet, but we also use it for our phone service. I use a Vonage system that I brought down with us from Canada, with all my calls being routed through the antenna on the roof.

scoots pot

Scooter AKA Scoots The Cat

Coming back down from the roof top patio after taking a picture of the antenna, I noticed Scoots sitting in pot on the second floor terraza. She looked so cute I had to grab a quick shot. You may remember her from when we rescued her last year in the following blog posting.

You will be glad to know she is doing very well and eats like a horse. Obviously we did not find a home for her. We came here with no cats, and now have 3. Funny how that happens!


Tancho said...

And if you are really nice I will let you come up to our property and look at the magic tower!
Be nice or I can pull the plug.....
Just kidding!
That was the first thing we put up years ago. The speed and service has become faster and more reliable as the years have fallen away. Originally I was repeating a dial up circuit from his office. Now that's going back to the dark ages.

Felipe Zapata said...

I use Bolivar´s service, and it works just fine. I have a Skype phone.

Steve Cotton said...

I need to get there before you folks move on. I want to see the red living room. Perhaps when I return from my November vacation

Todd said...

I know Bolivar has a great many fans.
Does anyone know how long he has been providing internet service in Patzcuaro?

Hey Steve, you really wanna come in Oct/Nov when the wild flowers are out.
Very magical!


Tancho said...

Todd, Bolivar has been doing that for at least 11 years that we have been here.
I was bringing obsolete equipment down for his use starting about that time etc.


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