Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Come To Morelia For New Boobies!

Come to Morelia for new boobies, stay for the dominatrix run English classes!

I have always liked signs, if you keep your eyes peeled you never know what you may find.  While driving down the road in Morelia I notice a sign.


Bubis = Boobies!


There are some buxom ladies on this sign, and in big letters it says “Bubis Nuevas” now bubis was not a word covered in my Spanish class, so I check with my next door neighbour, who is currently riding shotgun with me.

“ Carlos, does bubis nuevas mean what I think it means?” He informs that it means exactly what I think it means.
I thought that they had to be kidding, so next time in town, I am armed with my trusty camera, looking for a few pictures and to check out the details.


The Place To Go To Find Your Breast Friend!

Sadly it was not a joke. That sort of left me speechless, and for me that is saying something.It seems , that every Wednesday,  you can earn tickets for a draw for a boob job with all the drinks you buy.

So, I grab my pictures and on the way back out of town I notice another sign advertising English classes with discipline! Looks like it will be a sign double feature.

I am picturing a stern, somewhat statuesque female teacher (perhaps sporting new breasts she recently won down the street) dressed in black leather  and fishnets, sporting a riding crop.  The reality is probably an 70 year old retired nun who is very dangerous with a ruler!


Spank Your Way To English Proficiency

I thought about popping up and getting a picture of the teacher, but I was afraid if I did that, they might discipline me.



It has been some time since my last post. It seems that rather than being back in the saddle again, I got thrown by the horse. Hopefully now I will be able to get back on track. Lots to update you on, including, selling the house, moving, Shannon re-breaking her leg, IN SLOW MOTION, more surgeries, a week with 30 girls from Mexico City  and all the other maelstrom of things that have kept me from the keyboard. I just hope you haven't given up on me, but I wouldn't blame you if you had.


Todd “Almost MIA” McIntosh


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