Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Painted in Pomacuarán

Pomacuaran sign

Welcome to Pomacuarán!

Today we are on the road to visit the church at Pomacuarán. Another back road adventure in the Mesa Purépecha of Michoacán. We found this village the first time we went to Cocucho to get the big pots that they are so famous for when we lived in Patzcuaro.

Pomacuaran church

The Church at Pomacuarán

We arrive in the village, with the sky a dramatic blue contrasted with the clouds floating by at a leisurely pace. A great day to take pictures. Like many of these villages that lie off the beaten path, Spanish is a second language here, while most , if not all, speak Spanish, you hear a great deal of the Purepecha language throughout this region.
At the ”shoreline” so to speak, of Spanish and English, you get Spanglish, I wonder if there is a word for the combination of Spanish and Purepecha?

Pom church

Pomacuarán Painted Ceilings, Reminiscent of Tupataro

Hey remember our visit to Tupataro? You can see that post here: The Church at Tupataro.

What does the Tupataro have to do with todays trip? The uniquely Michoacán painted church ceiling, not that painted ceilings are uniquely Michoacán, just ask Michelangelo,  but the style of the painting is very traditional of the folk art here, or perhaps it just seems so to my untrained eye.


Ceiling Detail

So, as we have started to visit more churches with painted ceiling, our next stop will be the beautiful church in Nurio that has received attention from the World Monuments Fund, so check back next week for another painted ceiling.


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