Monday, June 10, 2013

Wanna Live in Michoacán?

I have recently helped a friend of mine put together a couple of websites for some properties she has for sale.
Her main property is in Patzcuaro.

And her beach property on the Michoacán coast.

This property sold, so I have removed the link

Have a look if you might be interested, or pass it on to anyone you think might.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art Vs Graffiti–Muros en Blanco

Image00017 Bg

Perhaps the flowers in the Jacaranda Tree are feeling a little jealous!

We just had an event close to our home here in San Miguel de Allende. You can find more about then on their facebook page.

Here is how it was described in an email that informed me of the event.
Friday, March 22 and Saturday March 23, Colonia Guadalupe will host 22 artists (7 local and 15 visiting from around Mexico) to paint 13 walls on 3 streets! (Maria Felix, Margarito Ledesma, Julian Carrillo)  The future will bring internationally known artists from all over Latin America.  We will have the best-of-the-best Guadalupe street vendors and a high-energy, festive atmosphere.  Watching a mural come to life from beginning to the finish is a fascinating process!! 
This a wonderful alternative to tagging , these murals are OUTSTANDING! If you get a change to check it out it is in Colinia Quadalupe. Well worth the trip when you are in town.

It is also very close to our favorite new restaurant. I think you may have seen Shannon’s post on it recently.
I will be meeting  a friend there Friday in order to have nother look. If you beat me to Hanses, please leave a porkchop for me!

Image00029 Bg

Rich colors!

Equipped with a large number of colors, and sometime a “gas mask” sort of unit, the 30 artist when to work.
I took pictures for a number of days in order to record the progress on the pieces.
I how posted 3 of my favorite pictures, but if want to see more, I have also made a video of the pictures you can check out on the bottom of the page.

Image00014 Bg

Perhaps this is the corn goddess!

Please feel free to share the video and the post, I would love to get this great project the attention it deserves.

Street Art Festival - San Miguel from Todd McIntosh on Vimeo.

Share the post, share the video, lets get a buzz going!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Viagra and Valentines


We are in the season of love… and marketing

Very much like it was north of the border, here Valentines day involves love and romance, and also a time to advertise things aimed at the lovely couples looking to add a special something to the day. Generally these items fall into three categories. Flowers, jewelry or a romantic evening of fine food and wine at the restaurant of your choice.

Here in San Miguel the advertising I have been seeing the most of is the romantic dinner variety, with packages for starry eyed couples running from $100 pesos to $850 peso per person. So far, not too different from north of the border except it is perhaps a little more economical.

Now, what are the differences between the Valentines days I have had in Canada, and the ones in Mexico. In Mexico Vanetines day is usually called  "Día del Amor y la Amistad" which translates as “Day of love and friendship”. This I find this quite charming.



Sildenafil ,That is Viagra Don’t You Know!

This year I noticed another difference I hadn't noticed before. While passing a Farmacia Similares ,a generic pharmacy, I noticed a Valentines promotion. On February 14th only, you buy 3 Viagra, you will get one for free! The added bonus is that down here, you don’t even need a prescription! After I finished laughing, I had to get a picture of it to share with you. Sadly the young lady behind the counter declined to pose beside the ad.

So, tell me,  what are you up to for your Valentines day? (no pun intended)



Sunday, January 27, 2013

The BIG Birthday Bash

Flag guy Sm

Caballero with Flag

This week started with one of the biggest birthday parties in town. 244 years ago, Ignacio Allende, namesake of the town and one of the leaders of the revolution was born. This requires a major parade topped off with fireworks at the end of the evening.

Girl1 G Small

Ready for the Charreada!

In Mexico I have found that parades have 4 required parts
  1. Large numbers of school kids , preferable with drums, often with bugles!
  2. Flags.
  3. Well dressed horses with well dressed riders.
  4. Marching, marching and more marching.

Sadly , by the time I got to the parade and into position I had missed the marching kids. Usually each group of kids have their own flag representing their school or group. I wasn’t sad to miss their version of “battle of the bands” as each group of drums and horns plays a different piece within feet of the next group.

horse line Sm

Send in the Cavalry!  (Or the Rurales actually)

This time there were even more horses than usual with the addition of the Rurales, which is a part time militia that I wasn’t familiar with until seeing them in the parade.

army Sm

Guess what , more marching!

cousin It Sm

Ghillie suit or cousin IT from the Adams Family???

I had good luck getting advantageous view points to get some good pictures of the parade. Being tall helps, but being lucky helped also.

starbucks Sm

Starbuck’s unintended climbing wall

Kids love parades but tend to be much shorter that I , but they did not let that get in their way. A little initiative and some thankfully strong bolts gave more than a few kids a clear view of the show. This was a not uncommon sight throughout the parade route.

FW stand Sm

Castillo in progress

After the parade,  the building of the Castillos begins, the giant fireworks displays that are used to finish off the festivities.  I guess these were to be the candles on the birthday cake so to speak. I made sure to bundle up against the evening chill, and get a good viewpoint. The fireworks did not disappoint!

F1 Sm

Happy Birthday Ignacio!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

What Colour Were Your Panties?

Happy New Years all!
My New Years involved a quiet night at home with my sweetie, then a quick zip out right after midnight to get some pictures of the fireworks over the Plaza. The fireworks here can typically run 20 to 30 minutes so I should be able to get 10-15 minutes of taking pictures. Sadly for me, the new mayor has different budget priorities, and the fireworks ended at 12:06, about a second after I got the camera and tripod setup. I hope this isn't an indication of the way my timing is going to go for the coming year. LOL

I hope you had a great night on New Years and weren’t in to much pain the next day.
Our New Years day involved a get together at a friend's home that included making a few new friends, eating some great food and enjoying a drink or two ( BTW Thanks Terry and Michelle, we had a great time!).

We were having a conversation about New Years tradition. I told about when I was a young fellow, a Scottish tradition we had in our household had me going outside the house to be the first person over the threshold with a piece of coal right after midnight chimed.

We chatted about the traditions here in Mexico. Having 12 grapes, and eating one for each chime of the bell at midnight to get your New Years wish. Then I asked a question that seemed to throw a few people, as it was about a tradition that most there had not heard of. “What colour were your panties?”

Panties s

So, what are you looking for this year, Love or Luxury?

Starting in mid December, you will see in the major stores, large displays of red panties and yellow panties. By the end of December you can find them in most stores that carry clothing. The photo above was of a display hanging in the doorway of a store in El Centro.

The tradition involves a woman buying a new pair of underwear to ring in the New Year. There are two items of importance. They must be new, and their colour indicates what they are wishing for from the upcoming year. Red is for love, and yellow is for prosperity. Sometimes they even have dollar bills printed on the yellow panties!

I have also heard that green is for health, and white is for peace, but for some reason they never seem to show up in the store displays, hmmmm, I wonder what that says about our priorities?
So, what colour were your panties?


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