Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ruins in Ihuatzio

As promised earlier here is a post on one of the ruins we have in the area. About 10 kilometres from here, as the crow flys, is the village of Ihuatzio, once capital to the Purépechan empire. The name Ihuatzio comes from the Purépecha meaning "Place of the Coyotes" The village is well know for its reed crafts.

Just north of town are some ruins. Like many of these sites, only a portion is currently restored. Radiocarbon testing on a number of items found has dated the site as being established between 1510 and 1575.

The Main Restoration (click on the picture for a larger view, for scale that dot in front is a person!)

Admittance to the site, is quite cheap, as are all of the sites I have visited. This one was 29 pesos, if I remember correctly. So rather than telling you all cool things I discovered , I think I will just wet your appetite and motivate you to visit. Signs throughout the site, are in Spanish, English and Purépecha and describe the site in detail.

What a fun way to spend an afternoon!


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