Monday, March 31, 2008

Breakfast in ......?


I just got back to my computer after neglecting it for a couple of days.
There in my email are a couple more "Breakfast In ....." postings.

The first one I will definitely want to do when I get the chance.
Breakfast in Merida with Jonna of Blah, Blah, Blah Ginger!

Merida is a city we hope to get the chance to explore in the not too distant future.
While I was checking things out online I came across a B&B that seemed rather unique, at least judging from their website. The thing that made me think these people are a little different is that the rates for the rooms vary based on how successful you are.
Luz En Yucatan
If any of you have been there, let me know what you thought.

We also have Breakfast in Salem, Oregon with Steve who is currently planning his move to Mexico. The poor man is still a wage slave in the chilly north.

Stop planning Steve, just jump in, the waters great!
You will never regret it, unless you get stuck with me as your neighbour.

Before I go, I would like to share a picture I took the other day.
This is a doorway in a popular spot in Patzcuaro called Once Patios, which is Spanish for 11 patios. Ironically I took this picture on the eleventh step going up to the door.

Once Patios Doorway

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breakfast In Guaymas?

I enjoyed posting about breakfast in Patzcuaro and thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to some of the other blogs I frequent in different areas south of the border.

So, I fired off an email to a few of them to see if they would like to do the same thing.

The first one that I would like to share with you is Brenda from the blog
Brenda and Roy Going To Mexico

Brenda has just posted Join Me For Breakfast In Guaymas

So, go visit Brenda for breakfast, and tell her Hi from Todd!!

Okay, before I go, I want to share a picture I snapped during easter week.
Cause you never know what you will see when you head down to Plaza Grande

Too Cute!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Join me for breakfast in Patzcuaro?


I thought I would take you along with me for breakfast today.
Step one, go to the fridge for eggs. Hmmmm, no eggs, lets eat out!

Leaving Diego the cat at his security lookout post on the front porch I hop in the truck, and head off to bustling downtown Patzcuaro. Park on Plaza Grande and arrange to have my car washed while I am gone.

9 o'clock and all is well.

Things are quieter now, the big Easter week celebrations are over, and all the artisans are packing up to head out. I am greeted warmly, perhaps one final customer before they leave.


Crossing the street to Portal Hidalgo, the Viernes de Dolores Altar is still up.
One last chance for a picture. No, I didn't lay on the grass to get this picture , what you see on the bottom of the picture are the tops of pots of wheat grass in front to represent resurrection.

Viernes de Dolores

Off I head toward Plaza Chica, turn onto Ramos for this mornings dining destination.
I think the street is Ramos, I will have to check next time.
Halfway down the block I am there at San Diego's!!

Destination Delicious!

This morning breakfast consists of:
  • A cup of coffee, bottomless.
  • Orange juice, freshly squeezed, not bottomless.
  • Chilaquiles in Salsa Verde
  • 2 fried eggs
  • Some refried beans
  • A few rolls
Grand Total $30 pesos, I guess that would be about $3 bucks for the rest of you.
But for that you only get a fork, no knife. Not sure why.


Now that feels better. Off to the post office to check for my book order from and back home. Home in a freshly cleaned truck mind you, also only costing $30 pesos.

I guess I better stop and buy some eggs on the way. One of the many little things that surprised me when we first moved to mexico, is that the eggs in the stores are just sitting on the shelves, not refrigerated. Hmmmm.

So, I guess you get to take me out for breakfast next time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe it ain't!!

It's more like the hummingbird, the cat and the TV.

As I am writing this, our whole family is ensconced in the den.
The last hour or so has been interesting.

Hummingbird trapped in Dining room!!

The sun is shining, its warm and clear with just a few round clouds grazing the sky like sheep.
With the weather being so nice, we have the large french doors open.
Sometimes letting the great outdoors have access to your house comes with surprises.
Today it is a rather frantic hummingbird. Lets call him Doug.

That would be after Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan the famous flyer who flew from New York to Ireland when he was trying to go to Long Beach.
Perhaps you prefer Wrong Way Feldman from that episode of Gilligan's Island.

Our dining room has a rather large skylight, perhaps 1.5 by 2 meters.
So our Doug flies into the house and trys to leave via the skylight.

Thinking clearly, we close all the curtains on the windows in the house so when he comes down he will head out one of the open doors. Then we wait, we all wait.
Ironically Diego our cat is actually waiting on the dining room table with a look that says "They Deliver! That is SO COOL!"
Okay, lets put the cat in the den. Doug is not looking like he is coming down so maybe if I go up there I can shoo him down.

Its nice having a big skylight, but its too big to shoo the bird out of, he just goes to a different corner of the skylight. Hmmmm next idea please!

Hey, maybe if I go on the roof and put a tarp over the skylight he will look for another exit.
But the shooing has him so stressed that he is afraid to go down.
So off we go to join Diego in the den and leave Doug to come down once he settles down.

Hmmmm, Still the same room!

All this time the cat has been locked in the den, where the TV is.
Now, I don't know what cats think of TV, but I am guessing that he sees all sorts of things happening on the screen, like it is a window or a doorway. So the cat is trying to get through the TV so he can get to out of the den and hopefully where the bird is.
Escaping like the kids did in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Eureka! I think I have found it!

Lets hope he finds the route to freedom soon. We have set the hummingbird feeder just outside the door, hopefully it will be what he heads for. Oh No! Maybe it will just lure more in!!

Good Luck Doug!

Okay, just checked.
The bird is still there, but the tarp has blown away.

Maybe if I put a harness on the cat and lower him onto the skylight from above!


Update to Update:
No cat harness, the bird got so exhausted it parked itself in the corner of the skylight, and Shannon was able to pick him up and take him out!

Dang, I was going to play the theme from Mission Impossible while lowing the cat onto the skylight!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

You want a bed with large balls?????

We are currently finishing our spare bedroom as we are expecting guests from the great white north. We visited our favourite places in Pichataro for a bed base (with drawers) and a carved headboard, very rustico! While doing so I also provided much entertainment it that little town.

PLEASE NOTE: Cajones means drawers in Spanish, Cojones DOES NOT.

But once we got that straightened out, we popped off to Cuanajo to compare what was available.
Cuanajo is a little village near here that is well known for it's hand made furniture.
Pichataro is a little village near here that should be well known for it's hand made furniture.
Once again, Pichataro was almost half price, gotta like that!

But, enroute we hit a traffic jam! Yes, the constant press of traffic that I moved south to avoid is now creeping into the countryside here in rural Mexico.

Where is the traffic helicopter??

I had the radio on to the local station but didn't hear anything about it till it was too late.

Although I shouldn't be surprised, Just this morning, whilst leaving the house we found the road blocked. One of our young neighbours was slowly cruising by showing off his new ride. Well, kids will be kids.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Catcus and Calla Lilies!

Well, the last of the winter snow has melted in Patzcuaro, and the signs of spring are all around.*

On the weekend we hit a few Viveros (nurseries) so we can start to do some serious landscaping. It looks like we are going to end up with a variety of areas with different looks as we seem to want everything.

When we lived north of the border, we lived in a condo, no yard to play with the magic of mother nature. So, gardening is a new endeavour, we expect to make lots of mistakes, but will have a grand time doing so.

Today we started our first compost pile, jump started with all the bugs and bacteria required with a healthy dose of active compost from a generous neighbour. Thanks vecinos!

All the pictures I have taken here are of plants we got on the weekend.

We just planted the Alcatraz (AKA Calla Lilies) and some Fuschia.

The little town of Cuanajo (Kwa-na-ho) , is well know for it's hand made furniture. But every spring, you will see almost every store, shop and even some houses that will have taken empty cans and made planters with little Calla Lilies sprouted and some in bloom. I always thought that they only came in white, not so!

We planted some white, in full bloom, and some bulbs with a range of colours.

Tomorrow we have about 8 Hibiscus to Plant!
Now I need to find some bark mulch.

Can't wait till Friday market at San Fransisco plaza. Got there late last Friday, and one lady and some bi-colour roses. All sold but one, but come Friday, I'm grabbing a few more.

Not sure where they are going yet, but we also have CACTUS!
I have always been fascinated by cactus.

They are a plant that can thrive under the worst condition, and make the best of any resources that come their way. I would like to think that I am like that in some aspects.
Hey, stop laughing!

A number of them are even pollinated by bats. Go figure!
I swear, some of them even seem like they are from another planet!

Take me to you leader!!

We got a few big ones, a half dozen mid sized and a couple of baskets of little guys.

Other names I though about for this post: (If I had 10, I could do a David Letterman countdown)
Ferns and Fuchsia
Hibiscus and Hedge clippers
Alcatraz and Azaleas
Barrel Cactus and Boxwood
Petunias under the Peach trees
Calla's and Composting

*By the way, I was kidding about the snow!


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