Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cactus in San Miguel De Allende.

Cactus (and succulents) are very much a symbol of Mexico.

From the Nopal cactus in the Mexican flag to the Agave that provides the tequila for that most ubiquitous of Mexican drinks.

Don't get me started on pulque, a fermented rather than distilled product of the agave sap, reputed to be rather slimly in texture. Perhaps one day I will be brave and try it!

Well last week we spent a couple of days in San Miguel De Allende.
Whilst getting our tiles last year at Dolores Hidalgo, we made a number of trips to San Miguel.
We had a bit of a routine, Harry's on Wednesday nights for 2 for 1 martini night. Tio Lucas down the street for some serious beef. Checking out various shops for things for the house.
Now that the house is basically done, we had more time for exploring.

One of the places we found was the botanical gardens.
I am a fan of cactus, and if you are too, you should check this place out!
It is called "El Charco del Ingenio"
If you click on the name you can visit their website and learn more.

The gardens are over 100 hectares , boasting over 1500 species, so plan ahead.
A little sun screen, a hat and some bottled water.
Some good hiking shoes would not be a bad idea.
But if you are like me, bring your camera, and make sure the batteries are fresh.
These picture just a small sampling of what I took!

They also have an extensive bird checklist for birders, so binoculars might not be a bad idea.

Once the weather warms up here in Patzcuaro, then it will be time for me to start my own cactus garden! Can't wait!

I think the next botanical garden we want to go and check out is in Toluca.
The Cosmovitral-Jardin Botanico (click the name for a website with more info)
In addition to the plants they also have over 30,000 square feet of stained glass.

I am planning to go to the monarch butterfly sanctuary this year, and Toluca is not too far past that, so we should have a report for you before the end of March! Or who knows, I might see you there!


Steve Cotton said...

Nice post -- great pictures. But comments like "Once the weather warms up here in Patzcuaro" can be a little unsettling for those us headed south for warmer weather. It has been in the 40s all week here. Under most circumstances that would not be bad. But I fear my thermostat may have been reset on my visit to La Manzanilla. b I have literally been freezing. But the hot tub cures all shivers.

I guess I will soon find out about the weather on my scouting trip down your way. Still looking at February or March.

Felipe Zapata said...

I too am a cactus nut. I went to the garden in San Miguel years back, but it did not look so nice then. A repeat visit is in order, it seems.

The garden in Toluca is one of the most incredible places I have ever seen, more for the building than the actual gardens. Quite fine.

The butterfly sanctuary entails some serious walking. That will add to your weight-loss plan.

Tell ole Steve Cotton that "once the weather warms up here in P√°tzcuaro" is a phrase often heard here in January-February. But not the rest of the year.

This winter, so far, has been milder than usual. My birdbath has not frozen over even once, yet. It´s early.

Anonymous said...

The cactus garden is
Great blog!
~Becky and Doug


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