Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Club Vista Del Rey

Part of the fitness plan is regular visits to the fitness club here.
We are members of Vista Del Rey, which is Spanish for View of the king.

(You should really click on the picture above to see it full sized!)

Which as you can see is a reasonable name.
Actually the view is even better, but the wide angle lens makes the lake and the island seem much further away. I will try to get another picture for you in the next couple of weeks.

Their are other fitness facilities in town, but they always seemed old world to me.
Not old world as in before columbus, but old world as in one of the movies about some boxer in the 40's. I could picture Robert De Niro doing a scene from Raging Bull in one.

They have everything I need.
I typically go in the mid afternoon, I almost have the place to myself, its much busier in the mornings and after work.

Cardio equipment, right in front of a patio full of windows for that view!
Treadmills, bikes and ellipticals.

A variety of free weights and machines.

There is even a semi-olympic size swimming pool
 No speedos please!

They also have a variety of class, but I haven't tried any yet.
Maybe I will go try a yoga class, hmmmm, where can I get a spandex unitard?

Today I am down almost 8 pounds. I seem to be bouncing around 7-10 pounds down, so I need to be hitting the club more consistently.

If you see me running around the track, try not to laugh!


Steve Cotton said...

Well, if I move down your way, Todd, you will find me at the club -- trying to get rid of my post-Air Force pounds.

Todd said...

Ohhhh, so those should fly right off!


Don Cuevas said...

The club is indeed, a great facilty. There are the odd and unexpected closings. My wife takes a monthly membership during the swimming season. So far, in the last month, she's twice driven there from 'waaaay out our way, only to find that the Club is closed.

Who ever think that a recreational-health club would close on Sundays? And National or religious holidays?

Todd said...

The other strange thing is...

As we are coming from the direction of Santa Clara, we usually go in the back gate, which they seem to have decided to close from 11 Am to 4 PM

Seems it is too tempting a shortcut into town for many!



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