Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We are in the final stages of decorating our new home.
Once completed we will post a full house tour for friends and family up north to have a virtual tour.

When we sold our home up north to move to Mexico we wanted to do so as quickly and as efficiently as possible. To aid us in this we hired a home stager.

Dana, helped us to sell our house on the first weekend for more than our asking price.
One part of our staging involved lots of beige, making the home more neutral in order to facilitate potential buyers picturing themselves in our home.

If you want to check out Dana's site here is the link.

Now I think we have over compensated from that experience and are having a great deal of fun with the new house as it's just for us.

So allow me to present our new living room.
It is RED, very RED.
I am not sure what Dana would think!

When people come in we get 2 reactions
"That's incredible, I love it!"
"Oh my.........ummmmmm...... that's very red isn't it?"

I should tell you that the red has come out brighter in the picture.
In person you would find it darker, more of a burnt red.


Steve Cotton said...

I am with you on the use of color -- the more the better, I live in a 1926 art deco home. Everything is black and white. I am ready for some real splashes of life.

Felipe Zapata said...

Great red. You done good.

Anonymous said...

Ola Todd & Shannon - I am delighted that you are using RED! I know you detested the 'beige tones' we painted your condo for selling but it worked. Remember my tag line is: The way you LIVE in your HOME, is not the way you SELL your house. And how you have just proven that. I LOVE IT! I was so happy to see Larry as I talk about him all the time. Cute kitten too!

Dana J. Smithers

Steve Cotton said...

Hmmm. I seem to recall someone making a resolution about posting.

This comes from the guy who is supposed to be sorting His Stuff for the move to Mexico. But the sun just came out -- and I am going to walk the dog.

Todd said...


Hey before the new year, I had one post in 2 months.
So far I have had 2 posts this month!
I am aiming for 1 post per week.
Lets see how we do!!!


Theresa in Mèrida said...

The interior of our house is painted many bright and cheery colours (including red, rosa mexicana and bright blue). I sent a photo to my family up north, and my sister commented that I could always repaint. LOL, I bet she was shocked to learn that WE had painted it those colours. Whenever anyone who is Yucatecan enters our house, they say "muy mexicano" and smile.

Todd said...

Thanks Theresa!!!

All the best,



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