Sunday, July 04, 2010

Patzcuaro, Pueblo Magico

More on the saga of the broken femur!

As you may remember, about 4 years ago Shannon broke her ankle rather badly. At that time we bought her a wheelchair, to use until she was able to put weight on that ankle again, or at least until she could use crutches. It was  a very handy thing.

Shortly after the wheelchair was no longer needed, a notice went up on the local message board. An elderly woman in Morelia was in need of a wheel chair in order to continue to make a living.  We quickly make arrangements and the wheelchair is off to someone new who can really use it.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago. I am bringing Shannon home from the hospital. I pull into our driveway and there , in the middle of the driveway is a wheelchair for Shannon to use.

One friend provided the wheelchair, and another delivered it.  Maybe it is karma, or maybe just kindness, either way  Patzcuaro truly is a Pueblo Magico!
Thank you!

karma dinner lr

4 Star Dining, with none of the work!

With the ankle break 4 years ago, we were very new here, and were amazed and the outpouring of kindness, support and more than a few meals from our brand new neighbours. I talked about it in the post “Welcome To Mayberry”.

Now we have been here longer and know many more people, and if I thought what happened 4 years ago, was amazing, I really don't have the words to describe the response this time. Kind words, offers of assistance coming from so many directions, more flowers than we can count. Thank you!

When we left in the ambulance the dining room was a mess, with a pint or two of blood pooling on the floor, but returning , there is no blood, there is no mess. I did not clean up, our neighbours did.  Thank you!

The ladder, that had been left sitting in the garage, had been hidden about the back, they did not want her first sight, arriving at home, to remind her of her accident.  Thank you!
Patzcuaro truly is a Pueblo Magico!

Sadly, it seems my reputation in the kitchen is well known, so friends and neighbours were bringing us our dinner every night. So many that, one of our neighbours here had to set up a schedule so we wouldn't be swamped with meals. Thank you!

We have eaten like royalty, globetrotting royalty actually. In the last few weeks we have eaten, Mexican of course, American, Italian and even German!!! The picture above was a meal from the other night. Garden fresh salad, homemade lasagne, and a bottle of wine, oh, and don't forget, for dessert, home made tiramisu. Thank you!

Patzcuaro truly is a Pueblo Magico!

We are very lucky to live in a place as beautiful as Patzcuaro, with a heart as big as Patzcuaro’s .It is not just the stunning landscape, it is the people that make it so.  Thank you!

Patzcuaro truly is THE Pueblo Magico!


Steve Cotton said...

I tend to be a bit cynical about life. But I had an experience similar to yours when I broke my ankle in March. Neighbors and friends helped me at every turn.

Todd said...

You got that right Steve. For a guy who is not religous, I have been using the word "Blessed" a great deal these last couple of weeks!


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