Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Patzcuaro Flashback

Look what I found!

Surfing on the internet I came across an old photo of Patzcuaro that I thought I would share with you. I am not sure of the date of the original photo, but would guess early 1900’s.

Old Patzcuaro

Can you count the stereotypes?

I decided I would go reshoot the same spot so you can see the changes. There was surprising little difference beyond the power lines and the red car that I photoshopped out of the picture.


Back to the future!

Sorry, but when I went there, the guy with the sombrero and the donkey cart was away for siesta, maybe next time.

So, who can tell me where the picture was taken? Just leave a comment

I found this fun to do, and I have some other old Patzcuaro shots I can redo also, would that be of interest? I wonder….


Felipe Zapata said...

I doubt they moved the building at the right, so it appears the fountain/monument/whatever in the street was narrower back then. The space between that thing and the building to the right seems quite clearly wider.

I often ask my wife, passing that corner, why they don´t clear that dang obstruction out of the street. Sure would make ascending that hill simpler at the get-go. But, of course, it has historical significance and is, therefore, sacrosanct. We worship our tumultuous history.

I enjoy old photos of Pátzcuaro. Give us more, señor.

myfutureselfnme said...

Felipe, it looks like the space is wider, but I think it's an optical illusion because of the utility pole and curb. Imagine those photoshopped out of the picture and it would look a lot wider.

Felipe Zapata said...

I neglected to answer the question in the blog post. It´s the corner of Calles Dr. Coss and Navarrete.

The Last Quarter said...

I like these kind of pictorial comparisons. They're satisfying on different levels. It's especially gratifying to line up the reference points, the things that haven't changed. Then there is looking in between those static points and imagining how and why the changes were made. And then there is imagining how much life those walls have seen. Thanks.

mireya q millan said...

It's the corner of Dr. Coss and Navarrete. I call the monument (la Pila)...I love the old picture, too cool!!! Give us more. How can we obtain a copy would like to frame.

Todd said...

I actually found the picture on ebay, if you keep an eye peeled there you can find some funky old pictures and postcards!



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