Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wrongway returns and a game of Name the Telenovela.

When I was a kid, there was this creepy old house down on the edge of town. We made it a right of passage for any new kid in town to have to go in it for 15 minutes. After telling him a variety of ludicrous ghost and/or monster stories we sent him in. Of course one of us was hiding inside to jump out screaming at him.

The new kid never seemed to think it was funny until we told him that as a new kid initiate he got to be the screamer for the next poor victim.

Where is all this going? Well after our previous adventure with the hummingbird I think we have become the "creepy house initiation" for the hummingbirds in the neighbourhood. Yup, we had another hummingbird stuck in the skylight. Who knows maybe its just Wrong Way Corrigan coming back for a visit.

This time it was a much easier process, now that we are experienced Hummingbird handlers. I also made sure I got a picture of the bird before he flew off. He seemed to be in a little bit of shock, sitting in Shannon's hand for about 5 minutes before flying off.

Hollywood South

For the last week or two, Patzcuaro has been invaded by a Telenovela. They have been shooting around town, and when I went in yesterday, they were doing a scene on Plaza Grande.

Lights, Camera!


I don't watch them myself, but the few times I have seen them, it seems that the dialogue runs second fiddle to the facial expressions.


So, any telenovela watchers out there?
Could one of you perhaps tell me the name of this show?
Do you recognize any of our three starlets?
Somebody at the shoot told me, but I have completely forgotten it now.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

And the Heavens Opened!

Is it an Abstract? or....

We are in the midst of the dry season.
Usually the rains will do a few dress rehearsals in May, then the rainy season will really start in June
Which means there is a great deal of dust and haze this time of year.
But just yesterday we have a short outburst of rain when I was in Plaza Grande, 10 minutes later it was all over.

Today, while planting some cactus, the skies really opened up.
A hard rain that lasted for about 25 minutes.
Now, the rain is drizzling, with the occasional roll of thunder off in the distance, a thick gray layer of cloud holding the promise of more.

Hopefully we have had enough to cut the dust, and also reduce the numerous small forest fires that pop up this time of year.

Apart from the skies opening up, it also looks like the lines of communication will be opening up, up here in the Corazon.

While we are only a few miles out of Patzcuaro, we don't have cable or telmex service here yet.
Our internet is via an antenna on our roof that connects with a service in Patzcuaro. Handy.
We have cell phones, but I seem to only get signal here when I stand in a certain spot on the second floor of our home. I have been told if you pose in a certain yoga stance you can get an even stronger signal.

An Antenna!

But technology is catching up out here in the boonies! The last week, I noticed just down the street from the turnoff to our place, a cell phone tower (TelMex I think) going up. This means two things to me.
First, proper cell coverage here. I am thinking that in a real emergency, I don't want to have to hunt around for a cell phone signal here while someone could be bleeding to death!

Secondly, as it is my understanding that the typical setup for these towers is that they are wired into land line, then we will an option for telmex phone and internet.
Not that I need all that, its just nice to have options.

Hmmm, I wonder if I talk to the workers before they go, if they will let me up the tower to take a few pictures.......

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blog Roll and Breakfast.

Okay, I have finally have gotten around to putting up a blog roll and some web links.
You should find them a little further down on the right hand column.

It was one of those house keeping things that I never get around to.
Now it will be really easy as I am using a little java applet from:
Now that its is setup its REAL easy to add links.
I have added a link to my browser favourites and now it takes one click to add links to my blog roll and I don't even have to log into my blog to do it. Gotta like that!
Plus when ever one of them makes a new post, their blog goes to the top of the list.

It is a work in progress so keep watching to see who appears on it next!

Boy this breakfast thing has really taken off! Today we have 2 more to add.
Viva Veracruz who shared a lovely omelette.
1st Mate, who should be posting theirs today some time. I look forward to seeing what's for breakfast!

And now with my new blog roll, I have been able to add their links to my blog very easily!

Now before I go, a picture.

The Landscaping continues. Some of the rose that I have planted now have new blooms.
Once everything is done I will do a full set of pictures but till then, check out one of the new roses.


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