Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wrongway returns and a game of Name the Telenovela.

When I was a kid, there was this creepy old house down on the edge of town. We made it a right of passage for any new kid in town to have to go in it for 15 minutes. After telling him a variety of ludicrous ghost and/or monster stories we sent him in. Of course one of us was hiding inside to jump out screaming at him.

The new kid never seemed to think it was funny until we told him that as a new kid initiate he got to be the screamer for the next poor victim.

Where is all this going? Well after our previous adventure with the hummingbird I think we have become the "creepy house initiation" for the hummingbirds in the neighbourhood. Yup, we had another hummingbird stuck in the skylight. Who knows maybe its just Wrong Way Corrigan coming back for a visit.

This time it was a much easier process, now that we are experienced Hummingbird handlers. I also made sure I got a picture of the bird before he flew off. He seemed to be in a little bit of shock, sitting in Shannon's hand for about 5 minutes before flying off.

Hollywood South

For the last week or two, Patzcuaro has been invaded by a Telenovela. They have been shooting around town, and when I went in yesterday, they were doing a scene on Plaza Grande.

Lights, Camera!


I don't watch them myself, but the few times I have seen them, it seems that the dialogue runs second fiddle to the facial expressions.


So, any telenovela watchers out there?
Could one of you perhaps tell me the name of this show?
Do you recognize any of our three starlets?
Somebody at the shoot told me, but I have completely forgotten it now.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how beautiful those women are! I don't watch telenovelas myself, but I'm amazed by how gorgeous everyone is on the commercials for them that I see.

BTW, no one who lets 11 days lapse in between blog posts is allowed to call me a slacker. Hee hee.

Todd said...

Well, you have to understand, I have been too busy sitting on a deck chair of my cruise ship. No, wait, that is some other slacker.

Me, well, you see.....
My dog ate my blog posting.
Ya, that's it!!


Steve Cotton said...

This posting reminds me of the old saying about a bird in the hand. But your choice of topics to combine gives me pause.

It is good to be back.

(Did I just notice the ticker slip backwards? Mind you, I am not casting stones. I need to have elastic put into my waist band after this last cruise.)

Todd said...

Yes, you did notice the ticker slide up.

I tend to be very much a three steps forward, 2 steps back kinda guy when it comes to things dietwise.

As long as the overall general trend is down, I am in no hurry!


Steve Cotton said...

I see that the ticker is about to ring the bell. Another half hour on the treadmill should do the trick.


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