Sunday, May 11, 2008


Did Michael D. pose for that second figure?

Yippie, yesterday I hit the weight loss goal of 25 pounds. Then off I went to get some Chinese food down at by the docks. Pollo agridulces con arroz fritos, yumm!

Now I know myself well enough to know that my weight will be back up a bit shortly, just as long as I keep the overall trend in the downward direction then I will be happy. Slow and steady wins the race.

So, time to change the goal weight from 25 pounds to 40 pounds. I do think the next 15 pounds will be slower coming off, but hey, I am in no hurry!

After my lunch, I went for a little walk around.

Wandering around the main dock for the island of Janitzio, looking at all the people, food and crafts. In amongst the ceramics you come across are something that seems a little out of place, large tittie mugs. Thats right, I said it, boobie mugs. I never understood the why it is so. You will also find them on plaza San Francisco during Friday market. I could understand if they were sold at the stripper bar, or at the local "El Hooters" restaurant, instead of the local tourist trap. Go figure?????

Another thing you find everywhere in Patzcuaro, and especially at the dock are the dried little white fish. Tried them once, and will not do it again. But, they make for a nice picture.

I then continued back past the restaurant to the street where the wood carvers and craftsmen are.

The first place you see coming down carvers row is Salvador's place. Once you walk in, it seems like the sort of shop that has been there forever, and that there is no one left in the family that knows all the things in there. The sort of place that would be the setting for a Steven King movie, or where you could find the monkey's paw from that old story.

About halfway down the street I came across some carved figures that seemed very appropriate for me that day.

The Three Amigos!

They seems a perfect model for my weight loss.

The first is San Pasqual, the patron saint of cooks. Round and usually shown with a flagon of wine in is hand. He can be the before picture from my diet.

Speaking of San Pasqual, that reminds me of some exciting news. My son, Alexander is coming to visit us in the fall. We are thrilled, haven't seen him in over 2 years. He is living in Australia and working as a Chef in one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants there. Maybe he will like those whitefish.

I am not sure who the next saint is. If he had an animal in his hand I would say Saint Francis of Assisi. But he can be the after picture from the diet. He does look as dashing as I do. Hey, stop laughing!

The last figure is Don Quixote, that is where I could end up if I took the weight loss too far.
Definitely not suitable for my body type. But it would be a funny transition.. From Sancho Panza to Don Quixote in 3 easy steps!


Steve Cotton said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal and setting a new one!

On Saturday I ran into a woman I dated in college. When I told her I was retiring and moving to Mexico, she asked the usual question: What are you going to do? I gave the usual response: Read and relax. Her response? So, you intended to get even fatter?

So much for renewing that romance.

Todd said...



Brenda Maas said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal and good luck on the next part. Don't think you want to go as far as Don Quixote though that would be a bit much.


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