Friday, May 23, 2008

Gonna make a Million in Mexico!

Okay, I have given up on my plan to open Patzcuaro's first tanning salon, but I have come up with something even better.

I have invented an amazing new toy that will take Mexico by storm!

Every kid will want one.

Allow me to introduce.......

Señor Cabeza Jícama !

Thats Mr Jícama Head for the rest of you.

And people wonder what we do with our time in Mexico!


Babs said...

You've GOT it! I just attempted to peel a jicama today for the first time - geez, it was a test of perseverence. BUT I do love the flavor.....Very cute - I can tell you have a LOT of time on your hands! (Just kidding)

Steve Cotton said...

Mamá! ¡Mamá! ¡Compre uno ahora!

Babs said...

Que pasa? Where are you? Why aren't you blogging??????

Steve Cotton said...

My theory is that Todd has wasted away to nothing with his diet regime -- perhaps stuck in his skylight like some poor misguided hummingbird.

Todd said...

Sorry folks.

Unscheduled road trip, got back last night.

But now I have a garden screaming for attention, but will be back with a post tomorrow.

Sorry, havent was lost that much weight, but when I do, I will get these guys to PAY me to fly!

It is VERY nice to know I was missed!



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