Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cat and Bunny Show!

...4, 5, 6, ready or not, Here I come!
Click on the picture, trust me, it's worth it.

Yippee, I have been a few days without Internet and am thrilled to have it back!

Today I will not be sharing any insights to life in Mexico. No exciting goings on from the village. Nothing of stellar journalistic intrigue today. (boy it almost makes it sound like I usually do that huh!!! LOL) So be warned, cutesy overload ahead.

Just a few pictures of Larry and Diego cavorting in the yard.
It is entertaining watching the two of them play, with the re enforcement of all the predator/ prey instincts.

It can be quite hard to capture them on film, but I was very patient on Sunday and got some shots that I didn't expect to be able to. Quite often when they are engrossed in play, and you come up on them with the camera, they stop what they are doing to see what you are up to.

Which if I am sitting on the lawn with the camera means Diego will hop into my lap to lend his assistance.

No! I have the camera strap so that means I get the camera now!

As you can see from the picture at the top of the post, one of their favourite games is Hide and seek. There Larry is counting with his eyes covered, Please keep in mind neither of these critters can count past 6, so the hiding area is not large

You can click on the picture to get a larger one with more detail. What you may not notice at first in the photo, is our cat Diego is hiding behind our ceramic BBQ. If you look to the lower left of the BBQ you will see a silhouette of the cat with his little yellow eyes peering out. Diego doesn't get the finer points of the hiding part of the game, once Larry gets close to finding him, Diego just jumps out and pounces on him.

Now Larry gets the hiding part of the game very well, but bunnies are better designed for that than cats I think. Larry is also VERY silent, he even has fur on the bottom of his feet for the stealth effect. This frustrates Diego to no end.

Ha Ha, I am hiding behind you!

Now it quickly becomes a game of tag, and the bunny is usually IT!
Diego does great on the straight-a-way, but the bunny has him beat at cornering.

"Its all about the cornering!" (Bunnyo Andredi)

Then once the the bunny puts the cat through his paces, Diego goes for a cat nat, and Larry proceeds to inspect the garden.

Even Larry knows it is important to take a moment to taste the roses, okay that bush is actually a hibiscus but you get the idea!

Taking a moment to taste the roses!

Quiet Time


Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- A practically perfect post in every way. Color. Action. And cute animals. What more can I say? I guess I could say that you did a marvelous job at photographing your star animals. I just did.

On one of my visits to my brother's ranch in Bend, Professor Jiggs (my dog) had a run-in with a pet pygmy goat. They looked a little like Larry and Diego -- similar to a hunt on the Serengeti. For a moment, I think Professor Jiggs believed he was a lion, and there was going to be gazelle for dinner.

Unknown said...

Finally, Larry makes an appearance :-)
How do you keep Larry from running off? I don't think I'd trust my bunny. Secret tips?
Do you have a fence?
Love the photo's. You are so talented.

Babs said...

While trying to photograph the possums yesterday outside my bedroom windows without (a) scaring them, or (b) them scaring me, I realized that nature photography is not for the impatient or faint-hearted. Yours are WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is SO cute. You have a bunny!? And a CAT?! Coexisting peacefully? Amazing.

1st Mate said...

What a beautiful yard you have, a paradise for your critters!


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