Friday, June 27, 2008

Drats, Foiled Again!


Why Is That Tree Covered In Tin Foil?

I am always entertained by the cat and bunny show here at Corazon.

Yesterday was an all out rebellion.

They each focused on things they shouldn't do.
Well, we don't think they should do them, their instincts say otherwise.
Needless to say, this is a battle that can be hard to win.

When Larry the bunny is out in the yard, he knows that being in the fern garden is off limits. Eating the fern garden is REALLY off limits.
The difference between being in the fern garden and eating the fern garden is about a second and a half.

Yummmm, Buffet!

Depending on the resolution of your screen, you may have to click on the picture to get the larger one, in order to see Larry. He is hiding in the back. Hmmmm, maybe I should Photoshop a "Where's Waldo" hat onto his little head.

Now, not to be outdone, Diego the cat has to go catch us a bird. So we are now chasing Diego around the house with a bird in his mouth! But with cat caught, and bird rescued (flying straight out the door instead of directly at the skylight!) , all returns to calm.

Later in the day, I prepare for a battle I have been avoiding the last couple of days.
Lord Lawnboy VS St. Augustine!
FYI, St Augustine grass grows very well here, and has exploded since the rainy season has started.

While changing the bag on the on the mower, I hear a frenzy of chirping from the peach tree beside me. Looking up, I see a small nest.

Fast forward 15 minutes later and there are 6 of us from the Corazon taking turns on the step ladder to have a peek at the abode of our new tenants.

The Three Amigos

All this ado has brought the nest to the attention of Diego.
Now the cadre of neighbours has become the hastily form CATNIP
(Committee Aiding Tree-dweller's Nests In need of Protection)

After a short discussion, we decide if we wrap the the area of the tree below the nest, the cat will not climb it to the lunch counter he perceives there. As he has attempter to do so twice during the discussion, we run a quick test after the application of the foil. It is a success!

Please leave any name suggestions in the comment section.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Great Mexican Mail Race!

The Patzcuaro Post Office, AKA the starting line.

Just the other day, Heather, over at
Did a post about the mail service.

That post has now lead to the Great Mexican Mail race. So now there are 12 of us who are mailing post cards to Playa Del Carmen, with Heather tracking the times as a test of her mail service.

My contribution left yesterday, June 24, in the PM.

On the way to Heather are 3 postcards.
BUT, I have written her message across the 3 cards so she will have to get them all to see what I have to say.

This is what it looked like before I mailed them. With a little photoshop so as not to share her address, and to keep the message secret till she gets them.

Hmmmmmm, Secret Message!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Bautizo = Christening

A friend of ours just had his baby baptized. We were invited along to the fiesta.
About 80% of the people there were part of the family and we were the only gringos.

Lots of little girls in their party dresses.
Boys in cowboy boots and jeans.
All having fun.

Damas Y ......


For the kids, the biggest bang for the entertainment dollar seemed to be the balloons.
Many games were invented with them.


Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Well, except for the guest of honour.
In the picture below you can see him with 2 of his aunts.
He just doesn't seem impressed.

Jose Antonio (6 months believe it or not) is not easily impressed!

But his cousins have more than enough smiles to make up for it!


Alejandro and Cruz put on quite the bash, lots of food, booze and fun!

The proud parents!

Dancing and music lasted well on into the night, but we headed out not long after the "Bullfight" Dance.



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