Sunday, April 13, 2008

And the Heavens Opened!

Is it an Abstract? or....

We are in the midst of the dry season.
Usually the rains will do a few dress rehearsals in May, then the rainy season will really start in June
Which means there is a great deal of dust and haze this time of year.
But just yesterday we have a short outburst of rain when I was in Plaza Grande, 10 minutes later it was all over.

Today, while planting some cactus, the skies really opened up.
A hard rain that lasted for about 25 minutes.
Now, the rain is drizzling, with the occasional roll of thunder off in the distance, a thick gray layer of cloud holding the promise of more.

Hopefully we have had enough to cut the dust, and also reduce the numerous small forest fires that pop up this time of year.

Apart from the skies opening up, it also looks like the lines of communication will be opening up, up here in the Corazon.

While we are only a few miles out of Patzcuaro, we don't have cable or telmex service here yet.
Our internet is via an antenna on our roof that connects with a service in Patzcuaro. Handy.
We have cell phones, but I seem to only get signal here when I stand in a certain spot on the second floor of our home. I have been told if you pose in a certain yoga stance you can get an even stronger signal.

An Antenna!

But technology is catching up out here in the boonies! The last week, I noticed just down the street from the turnoff to our place, a cell phone tower (TelMex I think) going up. This means two things to me.
First, proper cell coverage here. I am thinking that in a real emergency, I don't want to have to hunt around for a cell phone signal here while someone could be bleeding to death!

Secondly, as it is my understanding that the typical setup for these towers is that they are wired into land line, then we will an option for telmex phone and internet.
Not that I need all that, its just nice to have options.

Hmmm, I wonder if I talk to the workers before they go, if they will let me up the tower to take a few pictures.......


Steve Cotton said...

I was looking forward to tower-top pictures when I returned from my voyage. I am back. But it appears you are still flat on the ground. (Additional telephone and internet service would be nice.)

Todd said...

Alas, the tower guys were all done when I got there. But they did leave a tall barb wire fence!

But, there will be a different crew in, in the next couple of weeks to do all the wiring of the switching room.

Hey, lets get all our bungee cords together and.....



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