Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blog Roll and Breakfast.

Okay, I have finally have gotten around to putting up a blog roll and some web links.
You should find them a little further down on the right hand column.

It was one of those house keeping things that I never get around to.
Now it will be really easy as I am using a little java applet from:
Now that its is setup its REAL easy to add links.
I have added a link to my browser favourites and now it takes one click to add links to my blog roll and I don't even have to log into my blog to do it. Gotta like that!
Plus when ever one of them makes a new post, their blog goes to the top of the list.

It is a work in progress so keep watching to see who appears on it next!

Boy this breakfast thing has really taken off! Today we have 2 more to add.
Viva Veracruz who shared a lovely omelette.
1st Mate, who should be posting theirs today some time. I look forward to seeing what's for breakfast!

And now with my new blog roll, I have been able to add their links to my blog very easily!

Now before I go, a picture.

The Landscaping continues. Some of the rose that I have planted now have new blooms.
Once everything is done I will do a full set of pictures but till then, check out one of the new roses.


Brenda Maas said...

Gorgeous rose, does it have a scent also?

Todd said...

Thanks, it does have a scent, but a very mild one.



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