Monday, March 03, 2008

Catcus and Calla Lilies!

Well, the last of the winter snow has melted in Patzcuaro, and the signs of spring are all around.*

On the weekend we hit a few Viveros (nurseries) so we can start to do some serious landscaping. It looks like we are going to end up with a variety of areas with different looks as we seem to want everything.

When we lived north of the border, we lived in a condo, no yard to play with the magic of mother nature. So, gardening is a new endeavour, we expect to make lots of mistakes, but will have a grand time doing so.

Today we started our first compost pile, jump started with all the bugs and bacteria required with a healthy dose of active compost from a generous neighbour. Thanks vecinos!

All the pictures I have taken here are of plants we got on the weekend.

We just planted the Alcatraz (AKA Calla Lilies) and some Fuschia.

The little town of Cuanajo (Kwa-na-ho) , is well know for it's hand made furniture. But every spring, you will see almost every store, shop and even some houses that will have taken empty cans and made planters with little Calla Lilies sprouted and some in bloom. I always thought that they only came in white, not so!

We planted some white, in full bloom, and some bulbs with a range of colours.

Tomorrow we have about 8 Hibiscus to Plant!
Now I need to find some bark mulch.

Can't wait till Friday market at San Fransisco plaza. Got there late last Friday, and one lady and some bi-colour roses. All sold but one, but come Friday, I'm grabbing a few more.

Not sure where they are going yet, but we also have CACTUS!
I have always been fascinated by cactus.

They are a plant that can thrive under the worst condition, and make the best of any resources that come their way. I would like to think that I am like that in some aspects.
Hey, stop laughing!

A number of them are even pollinated by bats. Go figure!
I swear, some of them even seem like they are from another planet!

Take me to you leader!!

We got a few big ones, a half dozen mid sized and a couple of baskets of little guys.

Other names I though about for this post: (If I had 10, I could do a David Letterman countdown)
Ferns and Fuchsia
Hibiscus and Hedge clippers
Alcatraz and Azaleas
Barrel Cactus and Boxwood
Petunias under the Peach trees
Calla's and Composting

*By the way, I was kidding about the snow!


Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- Do most of your neighbors in El Corazon have landscaped lawns -- or do they tend more to the natural?

Todd said...

Well Steve, it's not really an either /or situation there is range between both options.


Felipe Zapata said...

Cacti are funny things. They thrive in the desert, so one would reasonably think they prefer a dry environment. However, cacti live happily in this area although it rains virtually every day for over four months. They lap it up.

Fuschia can be very temperamental.

Buena suerte.

Todd said...

Thanks I need all the luck I can get.

Plus my vecino, Monica has a very green thumb.


Anonymous said...

Composting is one of my favorite t about gardening. Your neighbor is truly generous, as most people would rather give away one of their children than some of their"Black Gold". It is the best way to get yours started.

If I lived in Patz I would grow tons of Alcatraz. The first thing I do when arriving in Mex is to visit the flower market and buy at least a dozen Alcatraz. Let us know "how does your garden grow".



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