Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did you miss me????

Hello Gang!

Just got back from a bit of a road trip.

Went north and did a little dining , a little shopping and celebrated Shannon's birthday

The new cuota is now open between Morelia to Salamanca, getting rid of a major bottle neck on any trips north.

Mountain Light

Heading out of Saltillo in the early morning heading towards Monterey, I was struck by the incredible light and sky against the mountains.

We enjoyed our trip, but now it is nice to be home.

Diego, our kitty usually likes to sleep in the bed with us, but I guess while we were gone, he checked out some different places for his R&R.

He seems to like the marble sink in the master bathroom.
Also red like the living room!

No! you can shave later, I'm comfortable.

Needless to say if you have been watching the weight loss ticker, it took a bit of a beating when I weighed in yesterday, and I don't expect it to improve until I finish the girl guide cookies we picked up in Texas.
Hey, you have to support the girl guides, right!


jennifer rose said...

How could we have missed you if we didn't even know you were gone? But what did you bring us from the Vast Shopping Mall of the North?

Staring at Strangers

Todd said...




Steve Cotton said...

Of course, we knew you were gone -- with all of those posts on Morelia Connect. Great picture of Diego. It appears my visit may need to wait until May, but I am meeting with my brother on Friday. So, things are at least moving along.

Anonymous said...

How's the bunny doing?


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