Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Come To Morelia For New Boobies!

Come to Morelia for new boobies, stay for the dominatrix run English classes!

I have always liked signs, if you keep your eyes peeled you never know what you may find.  While driving down the road in Morelia I notice a sign.


Bubis = Boobies!


There are some buxom ladies on this sign, and in big letters it says “Bubis Nuevas” now bubis was not a word covered in my Spanish class, so I check with my next door neighbour, who is currently riding shotgun with me.

“ Carlos, does bubis nuevas mean what I think it means?” He informs that it means exactly what I think it means.
I thought that they had to be kidding, so next time in town, I am armed with my trusty camera, looking for a few pictures and to check out the details.


The Place To Go To Find Your Breast Friend!

Sadly it was not a joke. That sort of left me speechless, and for me that is saying something.It seems , that every Wednesday,  you can earn tickets for a draw for a boob job with all the drinks you buy.

So, I grab my pictures and on the way back out of town I notice another sign advertising English classes with discipline! Looks like it will be a sign double feature.

I am picturing a stern, somewhat statuesque female teacher (perhaps sporting new breasts she recently won down the street) dressed in black leather  and fishnets, sporting a riding crop.  The reality is probably an 70 year old retired nun who is very dangerous with a ruler!


Spank Your Way To English Proficiency

I thought about popping up and getting a picture of the teacher, but I was afraid if I did that, they might discipline me.



It has been some time since my last post. It seems that rather than being back in the saddle again, I got thrown by the horse. Hopefully now I will be able to get back on track. Lots to update you on, including, selling the house, moving, Shannon re-breaking her leg, IN SLOW MOTION, more surgeries, a week with 30 girls from Mexico City  and all the other maelstrom of things that have kept me from the keyboard. I just hope you haven't given up on me, but I wouldn't blame you if you had.


Todd “Almost MIA” McIntosh


CancunCanuck said...

Great post, made me laugh out loud, thanks! Now, if the bar were offering reductions or lifts, I might have a few drinks to try to get some tickets. :P

Dan in NC said...

Welcome back Todd! Looking forward to reading about what has been going on! Cheers!
Dan in NC

Steve Cotton said...

Hey, guy. Good to see you back. I have missed your particular brand of humo(u)r. I am going to be in San Miguel for the last two weeks of July. Any chance of getting together?

Steve Cotton said...

I just read that Homeland Security is stepping up surveillance on flights to The States. It appears there is a rumor going about that explosive devices are being implanted in bodies. The customers of the Morelia bubi clinics may be in for a thorough search before they can hop that flight back to Scottsdale.

Todd said...

Cancun Canuck - I dont see where it says anything about it being limited to implants! Come on over, I'll buy the first round.

Dan - Thanks!

Steve - I think the odds are very good that we can meet up towards the end of the month.


Delly said...

Todd, I absolutely love your blog and have missed you! Love your photos and stories- can't wait to hear from you more. Take care!


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