Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Real Patzcuaro Cutie!

Yesterday was a busy day at Plaza Grande in Patzcuaro.
Artisan packed elbow to elbow under the big tents, tourists and cars milling through the streets. In amongst this controlled chaos we found a new friend.

I Need A Home!
Zipping through car traffic and feet we found a grubby, hungery little kitten. If left we were afraid how long it would be before one of the tires won a race with him. A little clean up and a quick trip to the vet for a clean bill of health, we bring him home. Well, we think it is a him, but it is a little early to tell. Currently he fits in the palm of my hand. The vet thinks he is about 4 weeks old.

With the 3 pets we have already, we really dont think we can handle another. Especially considering that pet #3 is a new rescue this month, that we are still trying to integrate into the household.

If you are in the Patzcuaro area and think that you could take this little kitten please let me know!

Wanna Play?


Babs said...

How precious - and how great of you to rescue him/her.......
So, the crowds are already there?

Felipe Zapata said...

My maternal grandmother at times had up to 20 or so cats. Of course, we thought she was insane.

Todd said...

Babs - the crowds are here. You can hear english every 50 feet or so, and that is RARE here.

Michael - I consider myself an early achiever, as I was though crazy WAY before I got any cats;;



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