Monday, October 06, 2008

Peña de Bernal

A Big Rock

For todays adventure we are on the road to the village of Bernal.

Bernal's claim to fame is la Peña de Bernal. What's that? Well, it's a big rock. No, I'm serious, its a big rock, a REALLY big rock.

I have no idea why one would want to see something like that. Save a trip and just pick up a small rock and hold it really really close, then it looks likes a big rock. Never the less, we are on the road to see a big rock.
Perhaps you can guess that my expectation were not high. So it was with genuine surprise when we reached our destination and I found myself rather impressed with the rock and accompanying vista.

Clean streets, bright colours.

Shops and Tolley Car.

Lots of little shops. Stores with jewelry made from the opals that the state of Queretaro is famous for and many with rugs and other woven works. We popped into one called "La, Aurora"

They seem to like commas!

As you can see from their sign, they seems to like commas. That's okay, I like exclamation points!! After chatting some time with the proprietress, we were invited back to see the production facilities. All done by hand, even one old giant of a machine, that seemed like it was once attached to a motor, but was no longer used that way.

Motor? We don't need no stinking motor!

It was comida time for the production staff so there was not a great deal of activity in the back but it gave us a great chance to look around.

Light Dancing Upon The Looms

We ended up purchasing a black and white wall hanging. Ironically the scene it depicted seemed more like a scene in the Andes of South America rather than Mexico. It was like a weaving of an old black and white photo.

In Its New Home

Before we left, CJ insisted on posing in front of the peak. Then off for a bite to eat. We dined at Meson La Roca, quite tasty. I think it might be nice to come back and actually go up the rock. About half way up there is a chapel that many people make a pilgramage to. We have also heard tell that on the spring equinox new-agers (is that a word?) come, all dressed in white robes and cirlce the mountian. Hmmmm

Señor Cabeza Jícama


Steve Cotton said...

Rocks and travelling jicamas. What could be a bigger draw to Mexico?

Babs said...

Ok, you were only a little over an hour from San Miguel - when are you going to come here?
The "rock" is actually a "monolith" but I'm sure you know that.....third largest in the world! If you climb up take some photos, ok?

Todd said...

See Steve, It's time to visit the highlands of Mexico. You too can have a traveling Jicima!

Babs, Hmmmm we should be coming your way soon I hope. But you know that October is THE best month to be in Michoacan, with the Day of the Day, set amongs all the blooming wildflowers.

But, October is the month of the Street theater festival in Zacatecs! Gotta Love that.
Hmmm Hey weren't you coming out this way in October?


Babs said...

Hi Todd - Yes, I'm coming over either the 16th or 23rd, I think. I want to get there for the little Friday market that I love so much and I want to be gone before all the Day of the Dead traffic.....I'll let you know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to visit this place for a while now and you've just convinced me to schedule a visit!

Felipe Zapata said...

Be careful with your exclamation points. It´s okay to like them, to love them even, but only women use more than one at a time. Real men do not butt them together. That´s a girl thing!

Well, normally!

Todd said...


Michael- Say it isn't so!!

Calypso said...

Good tip Miguel!

Todd said...

Okay, that's it, I am switching to semi-colons;;;;;;;


Don Cuevas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Don Cuevas said...

Try again. The links didn't work on the last attempt.)

The Secret of Bernal is that it's all a highly advanced optical illusion.

Here's a less fantasized photo gallery:

Here are some wonderful photos by "Larpman":



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