Thursday, October 29, 2009

Patzcuaro Day of the Dead Candy Market

We are well into the coldest and wettest October that we have had in Patzcuaro in the 3 years we have been here. It feels more like the Octobers I remember in the Pacific Northwest when I was a kid.  The tourists have hit town and the hotels are near capacity.


The Candy Sellers under Portal Hidalgo, Plaza Grande

We are reaching the end of the preparations for day of the dead. The candy sellers have arrived with table upon table covered in candy skulls and miniatures of favored food items, drinks and other things that will be laid out on altars in memory of family members now passed on.



Warning Solid Sugar!

In the background the tents are up around Plaza Grande as the artisans are preparing to move in.  If you haven’t had a chance to see them before,. now is the time. If you would like a sneak preview here is the post I did a couple of years ago on the artisans.
Or, even better, come on down and see for yourself, the artists could sure use your support.


Hmmm, What do I want? It all looks sooooo good.


Steve Cotton said...

We must be stealing your heat over here on the coast. But is is now cooling off here, as well.

Felipe Zapata said...

The cool is a result of the odd cloud cover, and it is strange for October. I wish it would go away!

Nice photos.

Todd said...


Just woke up to blue skys and bright sunshine. Hopefully we are back to normal weather.


Felipe Zapata said...

Blue skies? I can hardly see the wall around my property. Looks like London in 1930.

Todd said...


I guess it is the benifit of having an additional 600 feet of altitude here in the Corazon.



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