Thursday, October 01, 2009

Good Morning! Dawn at the Top of the World

I hope you all had a good morning. As I do quite often, I woke up before dawn.
Old habits die hard, and I have usually been an early riser. So I thought I would share what I see as the sun rises over Lake Patzcuaro and Estribo as viewed from my terrace.

Good Morning

Estrebo Poking Out Of The Mist

The mountain you see in the middle is Estribo. I understand it is an old volcano. To the right of it is the lake, and once the mist burns off you can see the island of Janitzio with the statue on top.
The banner you see with the title at the top of the blog, that picture was taken from atop Estribo.

I would love to be able to wax poetical and weave a tapestry of words to capture the mood that settles on you as you watch the sun come up and splash over the panorama. but truthfully, it leaves me speechless.

So, what vista greeted you this morning?


Felipe Zapata said...

The johnny seat.

Babs said...

Incredibly beautiful photo. It looks like a Japanese painting.

Todd said...



Tancho said...

Nice shot, We originally we were going to build up on top of our property to have the views, but opted for trees around us. Seeing the photo makes me think of building a lookout perch for the weekends....Simply beautiful, nothing like nature...

Steve Cotton said...

Another great real estate shot.


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