Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Pass Las Cuevas – A Wildflower Preview


The Wildflowers Are Coming!

Yes I am among the living. But have sadly had a laptop meltdown. After some trials and tribulations I have recovered the hard drive and all the data on it. But it was a bit hairy there for a while! So, I have a lot of posts to catch up on so keep your eyes peeled!

While you are waiting here is a picture I meant to post last year. I thought it would be good timing as we are just coming up on the wildflower season here.

This shot was taken just past Las Cuevas. A great spot for wildflowers! More soon!

We also have something new on the blog. Just look at the top right and you will see Followers by Google Friends. So if you use Google or Yahoo, or a number of other online services you can signon as a friend.


Babs said...

Welcome back! GLAD to see ya....

Tancho said...

Ahhhh, was wondering if you got eaten up in SM?

Felipe Zapata said...

October and November are the absolute best months in these parts.


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