Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lizards Crashing the Troncones Beach Party

Last month we headed out to the beach at Troncones (just west of Zihua/Ixtapa) for a bit of a beach party.  It is about a 2.5 hour drive from Patzcuaro to the beach there.

Ahhhhh, now we are at the beach. Nice chilly beverage in my hand, meeting friendly new people, looking out at the ocean.  Sitting across from me is a gentleman who goes by the handle “Hunter and is a bit of a herpophile. Is that really a word? Probably not, but I have decided it is.  A herpophile is a person who is into snakes and reptiles. Boy did he pick the right party to come to.

Lyre Snake

Lyre Snake AKA Just Another Party Animal!

What’s that? A little commotion in pool palapa, seems a snake has joined the party. Hey, Hunter, check out the snake! Our new visitor is called a Lyre snake (pronounced liar) which of course prompts some timeshare salesmen jokes. I was going to say lawyer jokes but I know a couple of lawyers who read this blog and don't want to have to deal with injunctions!

After the social niceties are over, the snake goes into a bag, for transport into the jungle later, where he is less likely to get decapitated by someone who may object to having a snake come visit their home.

Back to the party. Lots of good nibblies, including some homemade smoked salmon by a lady from Alaska.



Now wait, what is that I see on the beach? Awww, a turtle laying eggs! Off I trot with the camera again. Seems that when they are laying they are running on pure instinct. People and cameras don't bother them, just “NO FLASH”.



A Non Easter Egg Hunt

By the time I got to her, the eggs are all lain and she had just finished filling in the hole, and was working on patting down the sand. As we are watching her finishing up, I see the charming hostess of the party coming with a Tupperware container and a big spoon! Oh no, I hope she isn't thinking turtle omelets! No, it seems that if left the local dogs will turn it into a buffet very quickly.  



Note The Green Beer Can

We all start digging to rescue the eggs and take them to a hatchery a couple of hundred meters down the beach. Oddly, after digging for some time we still had found no eggs.  Please note the green beer can in the picture above. 


Pay Dirt!

When we eventually found the eggs they were about a foot and a half below the can.   So after we all had a good laugh at that, the harvesting started.


tub of eggs

97 Eggs Recovered By Us!

The eggs themselves were still warm and were very much like ping pong balls. We loaded up a total of 97 eggs! Off to the nursery we go.

As an added bonus, there were two other turtles doing the exact same thing between where we were and the turtle nursery. That afternoon just over 300 eggs were added to the nursery!


Mission Complete - For Mom!

As we returned after the visit to the nursery, the dogs were already at the hole looking for any missed eggs. 

A party at the beach and a good deed done, what more could you ask for an afternoon? Could someone pass that pitcher of margaritas please?




Tancho said...

Thank you for doing your part in egg hunt. Sadly too many locals on the coast seem to consider the options.
My hat is off to you!

Chrissy y Keith said...

We were some of the very first gringos to buy in Troncones. We still have a few friends that live and work there now. Where did you stay there? Who was the Alaskan? Thats were we are originally from.

Babs said...

Way cool Todd. Thanks for sharing.

Todd said...


C&K, We followed other people to the party so I am not sure but I think it was called Casa Escondida.

We actually didnt stay in Troncones, but in our friends condo in Ixtapa.

Our charming host for the party was Judi. The lady from Alaska was Carol Marchant, perhaps you know her?


Alice said...

After the eggs hatch, do they do a ceremonious release back to the ocean? If you know when, I'd love to be there to see that!

Todd said...

That would be very cool. but I really have no idea.



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