Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Church at Tupataro

Today we go exploring. Driving along a back road between Corazon and Cuanajo, know for its hand made furniture, we continue on to the little village of Tupataro.

The Quaint Plaza

Across from the small town plaza is the Church, with a stone cross at the entrance. Wandering in past the austere entrance, the church is very dark. Shortly, your eyes adjust to the dark and the first thing you notice is the retablo against the back wall, that's not real gold is it?

Templo del Señor Santiago

Then as your eyes travel up the wall you realize the ceiling is covered with paintings. Saints and sinners, Angels and demons, Last supper and maybe even a brunch or two.

Ceiling Detail

You will notice going in a sign that says photography is not permitted. But the caretaker is a very kind man, and if you ask nicely he will allow one picture, no flash, no tripod.

Now, what little I have come across on the internet and books talks about the church being from the 17 hundreds, but the caretaker was telling me the building dates back to the 15 hundreds, but all the artwork dates from the latter date. The federal institute for anthropology and history arranged for the ceiling to be restore in the 80's and 90's by local artist Enrique Luft.


Felipe Zapata said...

I´ve been in that church numerous times. Really incredible. I don´t think a camera flash from many yards away does any damage whatsoever, but the locals think so.

Don Cuevas said...

"Last supper and maybe even a brunch or two"

Good one, Todd!

We first visited that church in the company of the Dickson-Palomares. It had rained, and I slipped and nearly fell at the doorway. A foul oath nearly escaped my heathen lips, but fortunately, I choked it back.

Tupataro is much more attractive than Cuanajo, IMO.

We used to walk on the La Vitela-Cuanajo back road when we lived up that way. Scenic area, but the road was badly trash strewn.


Billie Mercer said...

It is a beautiful church. I'm glad you were allowed a shot in the interior.

Babs said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.........

Steve Cotton said...

Another spot you have put on my visit list.


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