Monday, December 08, 2008

Cat Rangler!

Well, no home found for the new kitten, so it seems we have rescued 2 kittens in less than a month.


We tossed a number of names around for the latest kitten. I suggested Divorciado, Shannon was not amused but did promise to stop bringing more kittens home.

The name we ended up with was Scooter as he is always scooting around, usually at 50 miles an hour. When he stops he is out like a light. Scooter and Bindi have become fast friends, and generally sleep in a jumble of arms and legs together.

Although occasional when they find Diego in a deep sleep, they will use him as a pillow.

"I'm a pillow now! Are you sure I can't just eat them??"

With three cats I think I might need to start taking some cat handling tips from the guys in this video!


Steve Cotton said...

Well, Tex, all you need now is a horse.

Anonymous said...

Now what does Larry think of all this mischief?

Heather Lee

Todd said...

Steve - Giddyup!

Heather - Larry takes it all in stride, he is a very resilient bunny!
Scooter just gives him a hi-howdy in the morning, but Bindi likes to chase him a little, till Larry turns around and says "We're done now!"


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