Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Bridge Too Far!

The view from the ruins towards Cucuchucho and Janitzio
(Click on the picture for a larger view)

Have a look at this picture. I took it a short time ago but saved it for today's post.

Here you see the ruins at Ihuatzio in the foreground and the island of Janizio in the background. Now the way the shot is taken it almost looks like the land is connected, but that is not so. In actuality the island is about a bit less than a kilometer from the shore.

Janizio is a very popular tourist destination for the area, especially for day of the dead. Which has lead to an interesting announcement.

Department of Infrastructure Advancement (D.I.A.) representative Santos Inocentes has announced that by December 28th of next year there will be a bridge put in place to increase tourist access and also to speed up access to emergency services for those on the island.

Sadly progress marches on.


Anonymous said...

Inocente Palomita
Que te dejaste engañar

Nancy said...


I didn't fall for it!

Babs said...

You're kidding, right?

Steve Cotton said...

Good one, Todd. How about an alternative. "An ancient myth predicts that the floating island of Janizio will collide with the mainland as the first sign of the Apocalypse. Today the prophecy came true." Loved it. By the way, could you spot me a fiver?

Todd said...

Yesterday (December 28th)was Dia de los Santos Innocentes, which is Mexico's version of April Fools day!

It is especially dangerous to lend anything as its return is not required.

I also made sure the name of the day was in the post and that the post went up at 12:28

So, yes Babs, I am kidding

Steve, I LOVE your idea, where were you yesterday, at about 12:20!

Deb Hall ~ Zocalo de Mexican Folk Art said...

HA! You didn't fool me but seriously, why a bridge? Lago Patzcuaro is so silt-filled that you can already wade to Janitzio, right? But it was a good leg-pulling tale just the same. Happy New Year's and all the best in 2009!

Todd said...

Happy New Year!

Mark Landes said...

The basketball court photo is quite good. Like a tonalist painting. Good earth tones and contrast. Someone who likes to paint, Mark

Todd said...

Thanks Mark!



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