Friday, January 02, 2009

Basketball Anyone?

Rainy season is over, the next rain will be in June. Many fields that were green are now brown. It's fun to take an afternoon and explore an area by the lake that I haven't had a chance to yet. Dirt roads abound in the little villages around the lake. It is on these roads you find the oddest things.

Basketball Anyone?...... Anyone......
(Click the picture for a better view)

Whilst on one such drive, toodling down a dirt road between a village and the lake, between farmers fields and and assorted livestock I come across an unusual sight. In the middle of no-where I find a basketball court. Now, once in a while you come across a ghost town somewhere. A little more often you come across an abandoned Pemex station, usually abandoned so that they could build a new one across the street. But this is the first time I have come across a basketball court.

Now when we moved down to Mexico, I expected to find soccer fields everywhere, but not basketball, but every school has at least one, and we have even seen a monastery or two with basketball courts.
I guess they take up a lot less space, and you do not have to cut the grass, water and fertilize them.

The Bulls vs......??

I grabbed a quick picture then and there, it gives you an idea of what the setting was like. On my way back home, later that day, I drove past the court again, and grabbed a much moodier picture as dusk was approaching.

If you look carefully you can see that the Bulls have played on that court, and I don't mean the NBA team.


Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- I like the mood of the second basketball court. Perhaps, the mystery of Naismith.

Todd said...

Ah yes, the famous Canadian who invented basketball.

Actually it was a little surreal, I almost expected the "Mystery Machine" to pull up and for Scooby and Shaggy to hop out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not in the Michocan region but in Oaxaca area, basketball is more popular than soccer. Los Angeles, Ca. is famous for it's Oaxacan basketball teams and leagues. I've done some reading on the subject and it is facinating for those of us interested in learning all we can about Mexico.

Todd said...

Ironically enough, while driving the libramento today, I notice, tucked in between an auto part place and a fish shop, the Michoacan Basketball Association office!



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