Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bloodshed In Morelia!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Sometimes I get emails from people who have images of us living behind bars, dodging bullets/or flu viruses and generally living in a battle zone. In fact that image is about as far from the truth as it gets.
Sometimes , on occasion we are puttering around the “hood” and we forget to close our door. On one such day last week, we can home to find we had been visited while we were gone. How did we know? Our neighbor had left us a bottle of wine on the table that is just a foot or two inside our door.  Good thing our attack bunny rabbit Larry was on patrol!
If you havent met Larry the rabbit yet, have a look at this older blog post.

Okay, back to the bloodshed! We had an early run to Morelia, that had us out of the house before breakfast and coffee. After parking the thing first on our minds was food and coffee, or perhaps, more accurately; coffee and more coffee then food. bloodtest

As we strolled along cobblestoned sidewalks overlooked by colonial edifices; we encounter a sign promoting this months special at the local medical lab. Get your blood tested for $299 peso ( less than $25 bucks), this special for the month of March only. As it was the last day of the month, we took this as a sign. Well of course it was a sign, but you know what I mean, not just a sign but an omen.
A couple of questions, name, address, when did we eat last, drink last. 15 minutes later and a few vials blood (that was the bloodshed I warned you was coming) and we were off to breakfast.

What was included?



Returning 2 hours later, we pick up our results, a clean bill of health; with just a couple of things to keep an eye on, or talk to your doctor about. I am thinking that I will have to cut back on the three egg breakfasts, damn cholesterol!
What would that have cost north of the border; I really have no clear idea. But whatever the cost is, you would still have to make a doctor’s appointment before the test, have him send you for the tests, and then you wouldn't get the results till the next appointment with the doctor. Is a bill of $400 out of line for something like that? If you have any idea, please leave a comment, I would love to hear.


Tancho said...

We both would probably be rich if we got a buck for each time someone asked us about the crime and murders in Mexico. I guess they never read anything but bad news and fail to read what happens in Oakland, Chicago and New York on a daily basis.
You my amigo have inspired me to drop on by on one of the next trips to our big city...I already have my eye sent on the down the road dentista.....thanks!

Glenn said...

There´s a relative new company called Any Lab Test Now. They currently have about 100 walk-in labs in the US. A physician´s referral is not necessary. A Basic Checkup (something like you received) costs $129. A cholesterol test (only) costs $49.

Should you start with a physican you´ll like pay $400 or more...


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