Monday, March 22, 2010

Lemon Tree Harvest!

I think most people who move south to Mexico occasionally have a little something special that they miss, food wise, from life north of the border. Me, I really enjoy Greek food, and to me it’s not worth it if it isn't made with fresh lemons.

Well there are no Greek restaurants in Patzcuaro or Morelia, and lemons only show up in the stores once in a blue moon. Maybe once every second blue moon.

The only solution, grow your own! Well, easier said than done. Looking everywhere we ended up finding a couple of eureka lemons ( reportedly ) from Morelia that have never fruited. We also sourced out a Meyers lemon in San Miguel. It was lovingly transported from there to a place of honor in our back yard. That was June of 2008.

Lemon tree

Our First Harvest!

Yesterday we had our first harvest. It was not a large harvest, but a tasty one.

Then for dinner, Greek chicken( with lemon of course), rice, roasted spuds and fresh beans, and , fresh home made tzatziki !

It was a dinner almost 2 years in the making, and it was worth the wait.

Actually, I think I am going to have some leftovers for lunch now, who wants to join me?

lemon chichen



Tiresias said...

Very cool!! I have two lime trees but now I want a lemon tree!
Judy Teel

David Haun said...

Where did you find a baby lemon tree!

Todd said...

The tree is actually close to 6 feet tall, but VERY skinny.

I got it in San Miguel with the help of Alfonso at Terra House and Garden


Steve Cotton said...

I would break my other ankle for some home-made tzatziki.

Todd said...

Steve, you wont need to break the other one.
Just hobble on up to Patzcuaro and it's your!

Hey, you can join Shannon in the Expat Ankle Accident Gang!


Tancho said...

We too have a lemon tree which you perfectly described. I was use to a bountiful harvest in NCalif, but here the tree is about 12 years old and produces about 2 dozen lemons all year.
Seems like a lot of effort for the tree.
Maybe it's lonely, or we are both trying to make if happy in the tierra think?

Todd said...

Well if it is lonely bring it over for a play date!

But, one secret I didnt share in the post is that an old farmer told me that if you want lemons you have to pee on the tree every month or so.

Is it true, I dont know. But...
I do know that last year there were no lemons.
This year I "personally watered" it occasonally and now we have lemons.

So, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Alfonso appears to be out of business. Do you have any other sources for a meyer lemon tree?

Todd said...

It is sad to hear Alfonso is out of business.
Sadly I have no other sources but if I hear of any I will post them.


blackderby said...

I can't believe you have lemons! Real lemons! Wish I could find a tree here in Tamaulipas.

I also miss the varieties of squash and potatoes, not to mention artichokes, asparagus...


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