Friday, April 30, 2010

A Busy Month!


Vanessa and Me
Vanessa is one of the girls from Esperanza.
And before you ask, yes, my eyes are different colours, I am a mutant!


Okay, a busy week has turned into a busy month!

Our week with the girls of Esperanza was amazing, I will have a blog posting on that once we are home again.

Then, we had a quick run to Austin in the states.

Now we are finishing up a week of house sitting in San Miguel.

But we will be home soon, with lots of posts to catch up on.

I hope it is worth the wait


Calypso said...

House sitting in SMA - tough duty hombre ;-)

Todd said...

We each have our cross to bear!


Babs said...

I heard that you met Richard - sorry I missed ya'll this time around....let me know when you're heading this way again.
BTW, did your house sell?

Todd said...

Yes, I met Richard and Chris.
We have an offer to do some house sitting there next month but I dont think we can make it.

The house sale didnt go through, and we have just recently put it back on the market.


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