Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a VIP, no really.

Okay, not really, but I got treated like one.

A new Cinepolis theatre has just opened in the mall, Plaza Los Americas, in Morelia. The new theatre complex includes a Cinepolis VIP, that is reported to be rather posh.

So I am pleased to announce after visiting the place I was quite impressed.
The seats were very much in the "Lazy Boy" style, lots of leg room, plenty of space between seats, cup holders on both sides and a small revolving table. Full multi position recline, sweet!
That may not be a big deal for you, but to a small town boy from the great white north, it is. It's the kind of place Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would want.

Oh, my ticket cost $75 peso's (for a matinée) , that's $7.50 to those of you north of the border.

As you look at the picture below you will see I have put a small red circle around a button. This button brings your server . Who needs a home theatre!

Like flying in first class. (I imagine)

On the little table you will find a menu covering not only the usual theatre popcorn, soda and such, but Sushi, hoagies and croissants, crepes, and a full bar menu among other things.

Here are just a couple of pages out of the menu, sorry not the best quality pictures.
If you click on the image you will get a larger version if you want to try to read them.




I had a baguette, with fries and a drink, it was nice. Nothing impressive until you remember it was movie theatre food. Didn't try any sushi, I am not a sushi guy. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have had sushi. Ceviche doesn't count does it?

Now all they need to do is add a masseuse and they might not get me out of there. Hey, I wonder if you could book the place for the play-offs?


Brenda Maas said...


Anonymous said...

Wow- impressive! Thank you. I always enjoy your updates!

We were planning a visit to Morelia this summer (my hubby and one year old) but I just found out I'm pregnant so we have some additional saving to do and probably won't make it. Big disappointment- I get nostalgic every time I read your posts. Take care!

-D. Mellor

Steve Cotton said...

Hmm, Todd. Did you see a movie or was this entirely -- as they say in the tour trade -- a "tour destination"?

Todd said...

I saw the movie Iron Man.
You should probably wait for the DVD, or even a little longer than that!

But, tomorrow we are planning to go see the next Narnia movie before the weekend rush!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a theater! I think there is one of those in Cancun, I will have to check it out.

I'm with you...although I love sushi I'm pretty sure I can DECLINE movie theater sushi. And besides, it would probably come with cream cheese in it!! CREAM CHEESE!! In SUSHI?! Sacrilegious.

Don Cuevas said...

We haven't been to a movie (in a theater) since we moved to the area in September, 2005. It's not that we haven't tried, it's just that the selections on the playbill are so...unappealing.

I don't think that First-Class reclining chairs, with Crepas de Sushi a la Cajeta are a big enough draw for me. They have to get some decent, interesting films. Also the ticket prices are at least the same, or higher, to what we were paying back in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lately, on various bus trips to Mexico City and Oaxaca and back, the quality of on-board movies seems to be rising They're not just the stock, chop-socky, Predator, Rambo Meets The Vampire Gang. Now there are some love stories, family fare, and Becoming a Man Aboard a Sailing Ship In The Summer. There was a pretty good movie, which we saw twice, about the Lafayette Escadrille in WWI in France.

Now Todd, if you and Shannon are old enough (60 years +), you can qualify for an INAPAM Senior Discount Credencial that will give you movie theater discounts as well as half price bus fares between cities. You don't look anywhere near old enough, but Wait!, When you qualify, you can take the AutoVías bus to Mexico City while watching two free movies, while sipping your BOING! natural fruit drink or agua embotellada. Sometimes, there's a sandwich, too. This is something to look forward to. Trust me.

Todd said...

Now that sounds like a deal.

But now we have to go see the new Indiana Jones movie.

But I am still not going to try the Sushi!



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