Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day of the Dead Market 2007 Video

In 2007 I did a post on the day of the dead market here in Patzcuaro.
It was a sort of photo tour of the market and talked about the crafts from the different areas.

If you like you can have a look at it here.
Patzcuaro Day of the Dead Market - 2007

It has actually been one of my most viewed postings.
At the same time I did a sort of slideshow/movie and posted it to youtube, but the quality didnt realy seem to be there, after the upload it just seemed a blocky and jumpy.

Well, I came across the file while cleaning up my hard drive the other day. After changing the format, so it would compress better, I tried uploading it again, and this time, it looks clean and crisp.

So, finally here it is! If your bandwidth is a little slow, you may need to pause to let the video load in a bit.

So enjoy, and hopefully you will be so impressed you will come visit and support these amazing crafts people, and you wont have to wait till day of the dead!


Steve Cotton said...

And perhaps buy a house while people are in the neighborhood?

Babs said...

I so love Day of the Dead in Patzcauro - it truly is a life altering experience, at least it was for me.
The fragrances from all the fresh flowers, the solemnity in the outlying villages. The beautiful character of all the families sitting in the cemetaries tells me that family is still first in Mexico. I traveled to the cemetaries with a friend who is a Purepecha. It added great significance for me.
Thaks for sharing Todd - beautiful.

1st Mate said...

Hi, Todd - Well, I already wanted to visit Patzcuaro, now I have another reason. What a treat for the eyes your video is!

One question: that blonde pink-faced mask, that's a gringo, right? And the figure with the devil's mask and the cell phone, what a hoot!

Todd said...

Steve, you got that right!

Babs - this is a magical place.

1st Mate - Actually the mask is part of the "dance of the little old men" an age old tradition here.

How age old is a matter of debate though. They say it is precolumbian. Others say that is actually refers to the Spaniards after they first came. Old white hair, and red sunburn skin.

BUT another story says it was invented by a hotelier back in the 40's or 50's with a made up story of the ancient origins to make it a better tourist draw.



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