Monday, June 08, 2009

Come To Patzcuaro, Buy My House!

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Wanna Buy My House?

Yes, I am a glutton for punishment! After finally getting all the finishing touches done, and the landscaping completed we are putting it up for sale. For those of you who have built a home in Mexico you know how challenging it can be, how everything takes WAY longer than expected and how important it is to stay on top of things.

You really have to stay on top of things, double and triple check everything, and still Murphy's Law, will do its best to intervene! I remember one time we went to Texas for a week during construction, when we came back, the garage foundation had been put in. Wow, fast work, but….. it had been put in the middle of the back yard garden!! Hmmm, plus there was a wall in the house where a big picture window was suppose to be. You see, we like it bright, bright and fresh.

So, now we that have had some time to relax, I think we might be getting cabin fever. So let’s do this again! Hmmm, maybe this time we will do a fixer-upper. That should make it even more of a challenge, because you never know what you might find behind that wall, or under that floor. I guess we are the sort of people that always have to have a project or 4 to keep us busy.

tub time 600

So, if you, or someone you know is interested in buying a house, send them this blog posting or give them the URL to my house website, I made it easy to remember! Now, I think I will go have a soak in the Jacuzzi with a book while I still have it!

PS, the book I am starting is “God and Mr. Gomez”, written by LA Times columnist about his adventures of building a home in Mexico.

PPS, A special thanks to Steve at same life -- new location for telling his readers about my house here in Patzcuaro! Thanks Steve!


Steve Cotton said...


Felipe Zapata said...

Are you nuts? People who do this sort of thing amaze me.

Now, fill in the gaping hole. Why? No, really. Are you simply bored at not having a big headache of a construction project? Leaving P√°tzcuaro?

When we were building our house, over nine months, we came by every morning and every evening. We missed one day, just one, and they installed the underground water tank incorrectly. Amazing. It´s still installed incorrectly.

By the way, to anybody reading this who has not seen the house in question, it is very nice.

Todd said...

Steve, Jiggs will love the BIG yard, and the temperature is much easier to deal with ! He can have a playmate next door, a real sweethear named Tao, you can see him here.

Felipe: I think you would know by now that there really isn't any question about me being nuts, I think I can wear that label like a cape, or maybe like a kevlar vest.

And we definitely are hanging around Patzcuaro unless we get an AMAZING deal somewhere else. Well, an amazing deal where I can still get good carnitas!


Felipe Zapata said...

Todd, the fact that you plan to stay here makes selling your house even stranger.

Trekker Shar said...

I would in a second! I love your house, and I'm kind of attached to my bedroom :-) I passed the web site on to my Mom who has lots of expat friends and I'll update my blog on Patzcuaro and put a link in to it.

Todd said...

Thanks Shar!

So, how is the Spanish coming along?


maria luz said...


I love your blog, your photography, your house, and you! BUT, are ya' nuts, sweetheart?????

I am old (58) and settled in my ways. But oh, to be young and foolish. (and believe me, I have been there) Hon, there is more to life than flipping real estate.

It is so evident that every aspect of the development of your HOME has been a wonderful labor of love. You watched the walls going up...gave birth to it.

We have wanted to build in Corazon since first we visited Colin's house. Truly, if we had the money and wanted to live in Michoacan we would buy your house right now!!! (We have to wait until early next year for our move to Tequis. POOH!)

Be very sure of this decision. You live in a wonderfully PEACEFUL neck of the woods there. You have wonderful neighbors who watch out for each other. You have beat the builder gremlins and you have won.

Do a colonial? Find a hobby, or travel more, and enjoy your lovely home on new terms. It is everyone's dream house in Mexico. And, it is new without the kinks of an old house that will be a chronic nuisance and money pit.

But, if you still have to leave it, only sell it to Steve and the Professor! They would be the kind of neighbors Colin needs to have.

I am with Felipe on this one, 1000%!!!

By the way, gorgeous presentation on your website.

Tancho said...

Beautiful house, I ponder the real motivation behind leaving part of your efforts for someone else...Great photos, I'll have to have you over to shoot mine, when I get ready to sell it and move into a one room place next to the plaza!

Linda said...

Your home is beautiful, no doubt about that. It's your photos that captivate me... would it be rude to ask about them? Is it the lighting that gives them the softness, or is it a ps thing? They remind me of the hi-rez photos (I forget the correct term). I know it's not just the camera you use...
Thanks for any insight. :)

Christine said...

That is such a nice house, do you have to sell? What about renting it out for $1,500.00 a week? See vrbo for the competition. Christine

Todd said...

Thanks for all the kind comments.

I think the next place we will get will need to have B&B potential. I think that would have to be more centrally located.

maria luz, at least try to come down for a visit before we sell!!!

Constantino Thanks for stopping by! when you move, we will rent you a room in our new place, it will be extra if you want a window.

Robin, ahhh a fellow shutter bug
Some of the techinis I use include doing HDR photography, so I can balance interior and exterior parts of the same shot. A good example is the shot in the library, showing the yard outside also.
Another thing I do in some of the pictures is the "Orton Effect"
I use Paint Shop Pro software, as it does 80% of the things that photoshop does with a fraction of the cost.

Christine, I would love to get 1500 a week, but sadly I dont think the demand is there.

All the best,



Felipe Zapata said...

Have you ever run a B&B? Many sociable folk dream of having a B&B. I have read, however, that it´s quite a hassle and many who do it are quite disappointed. What you have are people in your house, often 24 hours, who feel you should be at their permanent beck and call. It can get old quickly. So I have read and heard. Food for thought.

Todd said...

We have never ran a B&B.
We have both spent significant time in the service industries, back in the day.
I also grew up in a related business, we had cabins and a campground in the Fraser Valley of BC.

In addition we have a good friend in the industry that we have had long discussions with. From that we have also done a few test runs here and rather enjoyed it. But we also quickly realized that:
1)People want to be in El Centro.
2)That while we enjoyed it very much, it would probably make more sense to have a where it is easier to separate "our space" from the "guest space"

All food for thought!


Alice said...

A beautiful home! When DF drives us completely mad (almost there) we'll come knocking...

Todd said...

Pop on by! I would love to meet you!


Linda said...

Yes, HDR is the term I just couldn't find in my brain. :) Thanks! I've been wanting to try it out... maybe I will soon.
Good luck in selling your place; I've been passing around the link for you a bit.
Take care,

Todd said...

Thanks Robin!


Frankly Ronda said...

The house is spectacular.

What is the neighborhood like?

Could a family with kids live there? schools?

It looks like a planned coomunity - is it? how many house?

What are the roads like to your house?

How is it in the rainy season?

Frankly Ronda said...

What is like to live there ...

Babs said...

Todd, loely house and fantastic photos. I want to come lounge in the jacuzzi with the peaches and wine.....lucky you to have such a splendid place to live.

On the B7B front, go manage one for someone while they are on vacation for a few weeks. A dose of reality might help in your decision making.

Todd said...

Hey, how is oldest son feeling? Any better. This is a wonderful neighbor hood.
Of the three families that are closest to me that have kids in school, one sends them to the school just down the road. The others to send them into town, 5 kilometers.
If it was me, I would send them into town, the little school right here does not have the same level of resources.

It is a planned community with spaces for 35 houses, of which about 27 have been built. The roads are paved to the entrance of Corazon, and then cobblestone.

Rainy season we generally get a short rain in the afternoon, or sometime in the middle of the night.

Living here is very nice. I think the biggest difference with this neighborhood and the average one is the QUIET, which is as you know, rare here in Mexico!

Babs, Thanks!
Hey, when are you headed out here next?

Celeste LeTard Williams said...

It's gorgeous - I have already coveted it in my blog. I showed it to my Mom, too. I honestly think that Patzcuaro could be the next Ajijic or San Miguel de Allende - which could be a good or a bad thing! Last time we were there, they were protesting the possible building of a WalMart! LOL! I have to ask, have you felt any impact from the recent drug war activity in the area - the bombings of the police precincts,etc.?

Todd said...

Thanks Celeste!

Not really feeling any impact from the events you mentioned. But I do think it makes the fact that my house is in a gated community more attractive to some people. But I would've be moving from here to El Centro if I was worried.



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