Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Getting Organic at the Biker Bar

The Mercado at Patzcuaro is a magical place. People, colors, as many fruits and vegetables that you don’t know the name of , as there are that you recognize. But this week there is something new. A small co-op of producers have put together a number of things that are hard, if not impossible to find, elsewhere.Sign

Hidden Behind This Facade is Buen Provecho Mercado

Right now this new venture is open every Friday from 11-4, but they hope they will have enough demand to open more. The adventure starts with trying to find them. I will give some detailed directions for those of you in the area, looking to find it. If you are at the glorieta in front of the new Bodega Aurrera store, you head towards El Centro on Lazero Cardenas. On the right hand side, as you head into town, you will find a half of a motorcycle sticking out of the wall, and a big sign that says “Mr. Gray”, this is your destination.

Yes, you are looking for an ex biker bar. Inside you will find them . Don't forget to check out the Swiss baker there!

Veggies b

A selection of some of our booty! Arhgggg

We bought leeks, turnips, tomatoes, a variety of exotic salad greens, funky fruits and a 6 grain bread.
They also had fresh duck, and eggs and a few other things I didn’t even get to. That large yellow grapefruit sized thing is a lemon, an actual lemon. I have 3 or 4 lemon trees here on the grounds, but have yet to have a harvest. This year we do have some baby lemons growing so I am hopeful. Until then, I think these will do quite nicely.

Pithaya B

Dragon Fruit

Something rather unique there was a call a pitaya, or dragonfruit, which is a cactus fruit. Dramatic enough on the outside, its flamboyant purple interior almost makes it surreal. Light and tasty, the flavor is not as overpowering as the color, thankfully. I think we will have to go back next Friday to see what else we can find.

Confession time, I think I spent more time on the pictures for this post than the writing. I really like how the picture below came out. I have included it even though it isn’t from Buen Provecho. If you come across these peppers, beware they are VERY hot. These were found at Patzcuaro’s regular market

Hot Pepper

Do You Know the Name of These Peppers?

Wanna buy wide B


Felipe Zapata said...

Good job. Hours, directions. You could get a job on a newspaper.

Todd said...

I think I am more of a Jimmy Olsen than a Clark Kent.


Tancho said...

Nice to know that someone actually spends time to set up great shots, ever think of being a food stylist?

Todd said...

Thanks, that might be a good idea Constantino!


Don Cuevas said...

I want to know how you put that cool, (deliberately) tilted picture into blogspot.

The peppers: I bought some from Arturo Padilla in the Pátzcuaro mercado. He called them."Chiles piquines". I said that the chiles piquines I'd always seen before resembled small, dried red peanuts.
He went on to say, "These are very picante, but once you have one, you'll want more.
Arturo Padilla, with his mother, Señora Juana. Photo in this link:

Don Cuevas

KIDS! Don't be confused and eat them lke peanuts!)

1st Mate said...

Excellent shots, beautifully displayed. Made me hungry. What are you going to do with all those super-hot peppers?

Todd said...

If you go into "layout" for you blog you just need to click on the edit link, in the header.
This link might help.

First Mate
Thanks! They are very tasty! They are now a part of my breakfast regime. along with my every present seranos!



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