Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back from the Beach!

Just got back from the beach at Ixtapa/Zhiuhua

Spend some time on the beach, being a tourist.
Shrimp stuffed avocados and cold beer at Patys on La Ropa!
Watching the sunset with a glass of wine in Ixtapa!
Needless to say, I didnt lose any weight while I was there.

I don't think I could take the heat and humidity, or all the tourist if I lived here all year round.
But it's sure nice to visit!

From Patzcuaro it is only about 3 to 3.5 hours drive to the beach, depending on how you drive.
I understand, until just a few years ago, it was an 8 hour drive!
The new toll road is in great shape, the only bottleneck is HWY200 along the coast, that you take from the end of the toll to Ixtapa.
Total cost for the tolls: 205 pesos.

But please, if you are driving, fill you tank before you go.
The first time we went we were sweating the last few miles till the gas station!


Steve Cotton said...

Glad to see you are back. But I would never want anyone to rush a beach trip. And, as for the pounds, don't sweat it -- though, I suspect that is exactly what you are about to do at the club.

Steve Cotton said...

Todd --

When are you going to post more pictures of the house?

I am finally getting together with my brother at the end of this month to plan for the trip to Patzcuaro -- and to celebrate Christmas. Tells you a lot about my family.

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