Friday, May 18, 2007

Zorro I Am Not!

As most of you know, my first name is Todd. It is not a common name.

For most of my life, when introduced to someone, they will say one of three things.
1) Sorry, what was your name? or Could you say that again?
2) Tom?
3) Scott? ( I still don't understand that one!)

Well, it doesn't happen all the time about I would say about half.

Here in Mexico, for names that aren't the same, they have equivalents, and they are easy to figure out.

Fred = Frederico, John = Juan, Mark = Marcos

There is no equivalent for Todd.

Hmmm, what to do now. I have an idea!
I'll research the meaning of my name and find the Spanish word for that!
I found a website call where you can look up the meaning of your name.

The name Todd comes from the Middle English word Todde which means "Fox". The Spanish word for Fox is Zorro. Hmmm, time to go cape shopping? Maybe not.
I am not going to use it, at least not till the second half of the tequila bottle!

So after a bit of hunting and a little help from a gentleman in Eronga, I have decided on a new name for here in Mexico.
which is short for Teodoro, or in English, Theodore. It means "gift of god".
Please don't laugh.

It'll be a nice change, to tell you the truth, I've never met a Todd that wasn't a bit strange!


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