Friday, May 11, 2007

Dia de la Cruz - Day of the Holy Cross

Last week, on May 3rd, here in Mexico, was Dia de la Cruz or day of the holy cross.
It is a very big day if you are in the construction industry.

May third is the feast day for those in the construction trades.

The day before a cross is made and taken to the church to be blessed.

May 3rd is generally a big fiesta at the construction site, with much drinking, eating and music.
The next day you will notice all the workers moving a little slower!

Here is a link to a story on Mexconnect that will give you a little more information.

As for Cinco De Mayo, it is almost non existent here south of the border, unless you are in Puebla, where they celebrate a victory over the French.
Well, at the very least it's nothing like it is north of the border.

The cross is generally posted high on the job site.
Here is a picture of ours, with the crepe paper blowing in the wind!

Oh, by the way, I have just started a new construction project.
We have gone down to Vista Del Rey, the local health club, and joined up.
So now we are going to get fit and lose some weight.
I guess that makes it a renovation not a new construction project!

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Felipe Zapata said...

May 3 is also known as Albañiles Day, which is construction worker day. I think saying that Cinco de Mayo does not exist down here is a wee bit of a stretch. It definitely gets noticed outside Puebla. But it´s no Mother´s Day for sure.

Congrats on the gym deal. Perhaps I shall see you two fine folks there. My wife and I joined almost four years ago. I only go in the middle of the day when virtually nobody is about.


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