Saturday, April 07, 2007

Casa De Caca!

The house progresses!

Tiling has started on a number of the room.
The floor starts going in on Monday.

They have also started to put on the the brown finish that is standard here in the Corazon.
As we walked around our house after the end of the construction day, we noticed a strong smell.
Hmmm, maybe is the chemicals used to cure the mud or adobe or whatever it is that is in this finish.
But it does seem a little familiar.

This time I took a picture from the back yard so you can see the finish as it goes on, its not on the front yet.

Wait a second, now I recognize that smell.
I think you would also. This old post on our security might give you a clue!
Personel Intrustion Evaluation Sensors

BTW The security team member in the post listed above has now be promoted to another division. He is now the head of:
Surveillance Teams: Eavesdropping Evaluation and Reconnaissance.
(Thanks to John E. for the acronym)

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