Saturday, September 23, 2006

Camouflaged Operatives Working Surveillance

Another important part of our security is a crack team of undercover security personal Patrolling a field that covers the 100 meters between Corazon and the main road.

They are heavily camouflaged so as not to be intrusive.

These C.O.W.S.
(Camouflaged Operatives Working Surveillance)
also spend a significant amount of time "mining" this field with P.I.E.S
ersonel Intrustion Evaluation Sensors)
to make it more difficult to penetrate Corazon De Durazno.

This is as close a picture I could get without getting my camera confiscated.

I also had a picture of one of the COW PIES that they lay in the field but I was told that posting it may assist others in coming up with a way to circumvent them in the future.

1 comment:

Don Cuevas said...

Pretty funny! We have a C.O.W.S. Team Barracks near our casa.
Good commentary on the security, too.



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