Monday, June 25, 2007

While you are waiting!

Sorry folks, but things have been a little crazy with the final stages of the house.
I have been neglecting the blog.

But by the end of the week we should be in the new house, and I will have more pictures and posts for you.

But until then, here are a couple of pictures I have taken of signs here that have given me a laugh.

Both these signs were mentioned to me by people who saw my " I M DUMB" post earlier this year.

This is a picture of the FART taxi, parked in front of the Basilica in Patzcuaro.
At first I was told they had disappeared, but this now seems to be a regular haunt for them in the morning.

Also, driving down to Uruapan, I came across this sign.
Roughly translated it means....

Please yield to vehicles without brakes.

I wonder how you tell the vehicles without brakes from the others? HMMMM....

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