Monday, December 31, 2012

No Room at the INN

Wow, people love to visit San Miguel.
There is a great deal of activity here in San Miguel over the holidays.
Tonight is New Years Eve and I think everyone has decided to celebrate it here.

I popped into town today to get some pictures of the mounted police that they like to trot out for weekends and holidays.  Trot out, get it! Sorry !

Mountie 1 s

Mexican Mountie!

The main plaza is packed, as you can see. Then they proceeded to start  building a stage for this evenings festivities, very organized.

room s


I have been impressed with how well they have been dealing with ALL the traffic, and when I say traffic, I don’t just mean cars, you have to add bikes , scooters donkeys, horses, and horse drawn carriages. Even then they come up with traffic you wouldn’t expect.

traffic 1 s


For example, below is a picture I took a little before 9 AM this morning out a window facing the rear of our home,  now that is a unique way to jump a traffic jam!
traffic 2 s

Arriving in Style!

I hope to catch some photos this evening to share with you later.

Have a safe and happy New Year!!!


Brenda Maas said...

Happy New Year to you and Shannon.

Steve Cotton said...

Glad to see you are back at the console. Happy new year.

Todd said...

Thanks Brenda!

Thanks Steve, getting back on track!



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