Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Lights and Sights, San Miguel de Allende

The other night I went for a walk around the Jardin in San Miguel with my camera to catch some of the colour and sights of the season. I would like to share that with you, no write-up this time, just a few pictures.

xmas fbThe Christmas tree in between the Parroquia and the clock tower that gives Calle Relox it name.

pons fbPoinsettias glowing white against the backdrop of green turned almost black by the lateness of the hour

star fb
Cars slowly driving by though light strewn streets

Please have a very happy holiday, where ever you are!
street fb


Anonymous said...

I came by way of Sylvia Stahl Hoolahan on Facebook and I'm so glad I did. Beautiful. Simply beautiful!

Babs said...

Magnificent Todd!

Todd said...


Steve Cotton said...

As always, an original view of your town.

Todd said...

Thanks Steve!!

Unknown said...

Hi Todd!

You are a great photographer. :)

Greetings from Sonora.

Todd said...

Thanks Paulina!



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