Friday, January 13, 2012

I Have a Mountain of Books!


One of the things that I really disliked about living in Mexico , when we first moved here, was the lack of book stores. I missed Chapters.  For those of you in the States, Chapters is Canada’s large chain book store.

I missed digging through piles of old books in used stores on Granville Street.
Sneaking out to Point Grey to see the latest science fiction in at the White Dwarf bookstore. Be careful not to trip over the basset hound wandering the store.

When we moved down here we brought a small trailer for our belongings. Well, for what was left of our belongings, as we sold, gave away or threw out 90 percent of our stuff. Just keeping clothes, computer, a few sentimental things and boxes and boxes of books.

When I got my kindle, I was very happy. I don't really buy hard copy books anymore.
I still cant bring myself to get rid of all my old books. Old books are like old friends.

Right now I have boxes of books still to go through to pick which ones will go in the book cases of our new place. Yes, there are still some that I will be throwing away. Anyone want 6 books on how to use a 4 year out of date version of Photoshop? Let me know before the garbage truck gets here!!

Then this morning I came across this Canadian artist. Perhaps I should turn my old books into a new hobby!

So head on over to visit Guy Laramee, and be amazed, I know I was.


Steve Cotton said...

Books. I brought a few to Mexico, but I left the bulk of them in my house in Oregon. When it sells (and I hope that is soon), I will face the problem of divesting myself of them. Like ugly puppies, if I give them away, they will be tossed aside. But that is their fate.

Dan in NC said...

Seems like a visit to the library is in order. I'm betting that they would be most happy to take a few off your hands!
Dan in nc

Todd said...

You got that right Steve!

Dan, hey, they even have an english language library here, good idea!



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