Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cold Facts on San Miguel de Allende.

Before we moved to San Miguel, we had visited here quite often.
Whenever we would talk about where we lived in Patzcuaro we would regularly hear..
”Patzcuaro…..It’s SOOOO COLD there”
Well , last week, no wait….
last month, no…..
okay, I started this post at the end of November. I have been very bad about keeping current, but that will be changing with the new year!!!!

We had a cold snap like nothing I had ever experienced in Patzcuaro.
tree damage

What Jack Frost Touches, Dies!

Note the splash of green in the lower left where the larger tree shielded the smaller.

The temperature dropped to –8 Celsius and combined with the wind that night it made for some cold feet on the tile floor. But it also made for some very unhappy plants.
The tree in front of the house got the worst of it,  leaves turning brown and brittle.
Throughout the yard, plants are dead or dying back, to start over (hopefully) when the temperature permits.
I am already seeing some colour popping out amongst all the brown in the yard. I am taking this not as just a good sign for the garden, but perhaps an omen of the year to come and our new adventures in our new home!



Tancho said...

Geee, I don't think it has ever gotten that cold in Patzcuaro. That's about 17F...
That must have keep everyone off the streets for awhile?
Keep warm Amigo.

Todd said...

At least when it was cold here at night, it warms up nicely during the day, so you dont get that constant cold.

Steve Cotton said...

It sounds as if you are living in Copper Canyon (my next stop). But it is good to have you back on line.

Todd said...

Thanks Steve.
Copper Canyon is high on my list also.
You will have to give us a full report!


Theresa in Mèrida said...

That is cold! I get the shivers when we go down to 15ºC. Forget the negatives! Of course, one of my friends said a cold front in Mérida is whenever the temperature is in double digits.



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